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Is the use of bleaching cream for only one week prior to Pearl Fractional facial treatment sufficient for an excellent outcome?


I am having facial Pearl fractional laser treatment in one week.  My doctor today indicated I am to use a beaching cream prior to the procedure.  I have read that the cream should be used 4-6 weeks prior to the procedure.  Will one week of use this morning and night be sufficient?  Should I reschedule my treatment?  I am of Italian decent with olive light/medium complexion (actually fairly light, not quite medium).  I have never had any cosmetic work done and I want to be sure this is planned correctly to mitigate issues such as pigmentation.  I have great skin now.  I am doing this as maintenance.

Thank you.


In general in my practice, I prepare the skin for fractional CO2 laser with OBAJI skin care for at least 6 weeks.  I may also do one or two light peels.

Prior to the Laser the patient is put on anti viral medications starting about 3 days before and continuing till all the healing has occurred.  Patients are put on antibiotics till completely healed.

Post Laser healing patients are instructed to use a bleaching agent, sun block, moisturizer then light make up.  They are seen twice during the first week, then on a weekly basis.  Avoid tanning salons and direct sun bathing.

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