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Breast implants pro bono?


My breasts never developed. I have a nearly completely flat chest, not even an AA cup. I can't afford a plastic surgery but I feel really uncomfortable with my body because of it. Is there a chance any surgeon would take my case pro bono?


 Unlike attorneys that offer pro bono work for which they are sometimes eventually compensated for with a "Win Verdict" in the courtroom most surgeons rarely offer this type of service for Cosmetic Surgery.  Aesthetic or Cosmetic surgery is an elective procedure and often considered a luxury. Patients may save for many years to have such procedures.

 The vast majority of surgeons are required to take Emergency Room call at hospitals where they work. They are required to care for an often large indigent population for which they receive little to no compensation. These surgeons services are disallowed as a tax deduction by the IRS so, they are basically a form of a gift.

 But, do not give up hope. There are some practioners ( ) and health care institutions that offer Cosmetic Surgery at somewhat reduced rates. In most cases they surgery is performed by a plastic surgeon in training supervised by a very experienced member of the ASPS/ ASAPS. Consider looking in your area for one of these programs ( ). Best,


Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS

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