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Can I have breast implants after a TRAM Flap?


I had a left breast mastectomy 11 years ago and had a TRAM Flap done immediately afterwards. I never had to have chemo or radiation and I am wondering if it's possible to have breast implants done now. I would like to increase in size.


Yes, adding implants is commonly performed. In addition fat transfer to add volume to the flap reconstruction can also be performed. I would suggest you get a consultation and discuss your options.


It is likely that breast augmentation could be performed to increase the size of your breasts given your history.  It is also possible that some other type of operation might be performed on the side of your mastectomy or on the other breast to improve both the the shape of your breasts and their overall symmetry.  Since a number of factors are to be considered in the decisions regarding this surgery, I would highly recommend that you return to your original Plastic Surgeon or consult with another Plastic Surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  


Implants can be placed under the TRAM flaps after breast reconstruction when an increase in size is desired. Consult with a plastic surgeon to explore your options.


Yes you can have your size increased with implants. If you cannot or are not interested in returning to your original surgeon then sign a release to o rain a copy of the operative report about your surgery to bring to your consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon familiar with breast reconstruction. Your surveillance of the contra lateral side should be up to date as well. Any recent mammograms, CT, or MRI information should be brought at the time of the consult to not waste your time. 

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