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What breast size is recommended for a 15 year old?


Hello! My daughter is 15 years old, and size 38DD. She's having a lot of pain on her back, she also have a deviation on her spine (I don't know if the deviation is because of her breast weight), she's 5'3" and weighs 175 pounds. Right now she's exercising at school 5 days a week (she started 2 weeks ago). My question is what breast size is recommended for a girl her age and what weight should she be to have breast reduction surgery ?


Dear Annabelle, 

If she is being bothered by the size of her breasts she needs to seek a consultation with an ASAPS member. The proper size will be chosen during the consultation based on her body built and her wishes. Some surgeons prefer to postpone the procedure until she is at least 18 so that she can make a responsible and informed decision concerning her surgery, however, the most important aspect of the decision making process will be her pubertal growth stage.


Shady Hayek, M.D.

Shady Hayek, M.D.


There are several things one needs to understand about teenage breast reduction. If the breast reduction surgery is done at 15 years of age, there is a possibility that her breast could enlarge again before she is 21 or so. As Plastic Surgeons we try to fit the breast size to the rest of the body. From your description your daughter should probably be somewhere in the "C" cup range after surgery. Her weight just needs to be stable as weight loss after surgery changes the shape of the breasts postoperatively. Weight gain after surgery increases breast size defeating the reason for the operation.


There are many factors to consider when deciding on breast reduction in a 15-year-old.  The first is the general weight and health person.  Your daughter has a BMI of 31.  This is in the obese range.  The first thing she needs to do before considering breast reduction is to lose weight to less than 140 pounds.  Although she has started exercising, exercise alone will not achieve this goal.  She needs to markedly change her diet, but do so gradually so that she changes her taste and eating habits.  Simply going on a diet will not do this.  This means that you need to help her change by gradually modifying the composition of what you feed her or allow her to eat.  This means gradually decreasing portion size as well as reducing the amounts of sugars and carbohydrates in the diet as well as changing the quality of the carbohydrates eaten.  Once on a reasonable diet, exercise can further speed weight loss.

Once she has achieved a reasonable weight of less than 140 pounds, then you can consider breast reduction.  At that tshe will be older and, hopefully, less likely to re-enlarge her breasts after surgery.  


I would suggest you give her a chance to lose some weight with her present regimen. If she is able to get to a reasonable weight, then get the reduction based on her body frame at that time. If she is having difficulty exercising due to her large breasts then she may need a breast reduction performed first. You must understand her breasts may still develop more over the next 4-5 years. She also may sag more than she likes if she loses the weight after the procedure. Start with a consultation to find out more.

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