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How careful should I be after nose surgery?


I am 22 year old woman and I am planning to reshape my nose. Does the surgery have any side effects? How much time does it takes to heal and how do I take care of my nose after the surgery?


Rhinoplasty can be different types of surgery. These questions are better answered by your plastic surgeon during the consultation. To get the best results, follow the advice and instructions of your plastic surgeon.


Rhinoplasty Recovery- The recovery after Rhinoplasty is usually about 7-10 days max and one can resume normal activities after 3 weeks. I do not allow patients to wear glasses on the bridge of their nose for about 4 weeks to allow for maximum early wound healing. It does takes up to one year to see the final result, in most cases, and longer in a patient that has thicker skin or is a secondary rhinoplasty patient.      


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