Double chin reduction (liposuction)


Hello, I am looking to get my double chin removed but I can't seem to find a good professional surgeon in Montreal, Canada. I found one but her ratings were terrible, I mean 2 stars! I would really appreciate the help!



It is good you are doing your homework to find the appropriate plastic surgeon for you.

There are many very good plastic Surgeons in Canada. Google the Canadian society of plastic surgery.


Dear Anna,

A double chin deformity can have several reasons, the most common of which at your mentioned age is excess fat in the neck area. This fat can be either under the skin or under the muscle. Each condition has a different solution. The easiest way to know where your fat is located is by having an examination by a qualified plastic surgeon. In Canada there are several ASAPS members who are qualified to check your condition. Go to ASAPS website and use the find a doctor feature to search for nearby members.


Shady Hayek, M.D.

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