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My husband, who is 42, has small ears but they stick out. He wears his hair so they...


My husband, who is 42, has small ears but they stick out. He wears his hair so they are not so noticeable. I was wondering if there is a procedure to fix this and, if so, is he too old to have it done?


Protruding ears is a common condition that can be corrected with plastic surgery. The procedure is called otoplasty. It is performed as an outpatient, under local anesthesia, through small incisions placed behind the ears. The outcome is consistently good, with very few complications or unfavorable results. Age is not a contraindication. Children often have their ears corrected when they are as young as 5 or 6 years of age, but adults also can benefit from the procedure.


Otoplasty Ear Surgery can reshape and bring the ears closer to the head. Different elements of the Ear Anatomy can be the cause. For a natural look good ear surgery sculpts the offending component(s). This is surgical sculpture; not all surgeons have the same skills. Checking many Before and After Photographs of Otoplasty Surgery can help guide you to a particular surgeon's skills.

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Michael Bermant, M.D. Board Certified American Board of Plastic Surgery

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