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Do you think insurance should cover all plastic surgeries, both reconstructive and elective cosmetic?


I am doing a research paper and I would like to know plastic surgeons' opinions regarding insurance coverage for plastic surgery.   Do you think insurance should cover all plastic surgeries, both reconstructive and elective cosmetic?


No, elective cosmetic surgery should not be covered by health insurance.

It will put an unnecessary burden on the cost of health care.


Absolutely not!!!!  The system cannot afford the present situation; this would totally bankrupt it.  There is no reason why insurance should cover cosmetic surgery.  It is a luxury and thus should be paid for by those that want it. 

David Berman, MD


We live in an era of limited resources.  This includes dollars available for healthcare expenditures.  If funds were spent on elective cosmetic surgery, this would take away from the funds needed for other essential medical services.  So, no, I could not support that.

Thomas G. S. Fiala, M.D.M.D., F.R.C.S., F.A.C.S. - View Other Answers by this Doctor
Altamonte Springs, FL



The answers expressed are what most, if not all plastic surgeons feel.  Medical insurance should cover issues that are related to injury, disease and abnormal conditions. 

I also feel they should cover anything that is life-threatening, regardless of what activity or procedure led to that.  In essence, I'm saying complications from cosmetic surgery should be covered such as bleeding or infection.  I see no difference between the risks of cosmetic surgery to that of the extreme athlete falling when rock climbing or becoming dehydrated or anything else directly resulting from such risky activities.

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