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Can laser facial blemish removal cause general sun sensitivity or trigger sun allergies?


My partner had a few small blemishes on her face treated with laser and was generally happy with the treatment, but claims that she is now allergic to the sun as a result. I understand new skin can be sensitive to the sun, but is there any possible relationship between rashes on her arms, after exposure to the sun, and facial laser treatment? She also gets some periodic swelling in her face, even though the treatment was weeks ago- she will wake up with a swollen and itchy face sometimes.


 What you are describing sounds more like features of seasonal allergies and photo dermatitis. It would be very unusual to have all the these symptoms after such a minor procedure as laser treatment for blemishes.  Consider contacting the practitioner who performed your partners laser treatments. If they agree with my option then, consider an appointment with a local Dermatologist.  Best,


Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS

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