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Can laser surgery reduce stretch marks?


This is for my daughter who is 19 and is very embarrassed by the stretch marks on her abdomen and sides of the stomach area.  She is definitely not overweight but was actually too thin and recently gained some weight.  I have heard that some creams can work as well as the laser surgery, but I'm not sure.  She is very self conscious and I would like to address this problem before the beginning of the summer.  Thank you for your advice.


Up to the present time there is no real treatment for stretch marks.

Many make claims but there is nothing.  Do not waste your money.


I know of no creams and there is nothing that will completely "erase" striae; however, I have seen some improvement in some patients who were treated with Fraxel laser and have seen reports of others who have had the same experience.  The results are not consistent - some patients have seen much more improvement than others, and some have not improved much at all.  Since it's not an inexpensive procedure, you may not be comfortable paying for something where you can't  count on getting good results most of the time.  I wish I could give you a more optimistic answer.

Bruce K. Barach, M.D. - View Other Answers by this Doctor
Schenectady, NY

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