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I just recently underwent an open nasal reconstructive surgery to fix my deviated...


I just recently underwent an open nasal reconstructive surgery to fix my deviated septum, and I also received some facial cosmetic work as well. I am an avid runner, and although I understand I cannot go back to fully intense workouts as of yet, I am wondering how long I should wait until I begin to jog again? Currently, it has been a week since the surgery.


Regarding the patient who is one week post-op after an open rhinoseptoplasty, my first response would be for her to follow the instructions of her plastic surgeon. However, my routine is to totally restrict sports and physical activities for 2 weeks. After the incisions are well healed and there is no bruising or edema, then the patient may begin light exercises (usually between 2 to 3 weeks). After 3 weeks I do allow most patients to begin slow speed jogging (6 mph) on a treadmill. There should be no nasal pressure from glasses for 3 weeks.


Returning to Normal Activities After Rhinoplasty – In general, one can return to most activities increasing your heart rate in 3-4 weeks. I strongly suggest that one seeks the advice of a rhinoplasty surgeon especially if a significant amount of septal surgery was done because it may delay the return to active exercise.

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