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I have pierced nipples. Will I have to remove them to get breast augmentation done?


I have pierced nipples. Will I have to remove them to get a breast augmentation done even if they are 100% plastic?




 If the device is plastic then, usually the answer is no. However, Removing the device for a short period during the peri-operative period is unlikely to cause the hole to close. 



Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS



Thank you for your question.  Yes you will have to remove nipple piercings during breast augmentation and I strongly urge you not to replace the piercings after your surgery until your plastic surgeon tells you that it is okay to do so.

I have seen 1 patient who had nipple piercing done after rest augmentation.  As a result of the piercing the patient developed a very very serious breast abscess, systemic infection, and had to have her breast implants removed as an emergency.

Be sure to discuss this with a plastic surgeon you choose to your breast augmentation.


Yes, you will need to remove your nipple piercings prior to surgery as it poses an infection risk.  I have my patients refrain from replacing their nipple piercings for 3-6 weeks post operatively but you should confirm with your plastic surgeon.


Nipple piercing will increase the risk of breast infection with the piercing in, It is a wound that has direct access to the ductal system of the breast and bacteria can enter the ducts .

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