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Can you recommend the type of breast implant suitable for my case?


Dear Doctor, I'm interested in quoting the price of breast enlargement. My breasts are size B although my right breast is visibly smaller than right one and would say its size A rather than B. I would like to enlarge them both to C size. I do not have any medical conditions, and I don't take any medications. I would be grateful if you could quote the price as precise as you can and basing on your experience recommend the type of an implant suitable for my case. Looking forward hearing from you.



 Breast asymmetry can be relatively more common than most individuals believe. You most likely will require an evaluation and examination to determine which surgery & product are best for you. Here is a link to approximate costs for the procedure ( ). Consider a consult with a ASAPS Member in your area to address your concerns. They are experts in Breast Surgery. Best,


Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS


Because of your breast asymmetry, you will need different sized implants on each side. This does not increase the cost of the procedure as all sized implants are the same cost. I presently recommend textured silicone implants for a number of reasons, including the more natural feel and reduction of the scarring that makes the implant feel hard. The total cost is different depending on where you live. See a board certified plastic surgeon member of the ASPS or the ASAPS, all of whom are required to operate in a certified facility to make your procedure as safe as possible.  You can find less expensive physicians doing this procedure, many of whom are not even surgeons, but you get what you pay for with less risks and less chance of being unhappy or having problems postoperatively.


Thank you for your question.  You will need a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon who is a member of ASAPS for the most experienced surgeon.

If your breast asymmetry is quite significant you may need a lift or modification of one side which will increase the cost of your surgery.

According to national average for breast augmentation is $6300.  However expect a higher cost if you have a very experienced plastic surgeon who has an excellent reputation and your community.


From your description it sounds as though you have breast asymmetry in addition to desiring larger breasts.  Of course you need an in person examination and consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to advise you correctly.  Most often patients who have significant breast asymmetry require a breast lift at least on the larger side in addition to breast implants to achieve symmetry.  Understand that in addition to surgeons fees there will be anesthesia and operating room fees as well.  Your cost will depend on the area in which you live, and the experience and reputation of your plastic surgeon.  The cost for a combined breast lift and augmentation varies across the United States from $10,000 to as high as $15,000 in major Metropolitan centers by top aesthetic plastic surgeons.

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