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I had a reverse tummy tuck and now have side rib pain with a tight breathing feeling; can this be from the reverse tummy tuck?


I had a reverse tummy tuck and now have side rib pain with a tight breathing feeling.  Could this be related to the reverse tummy tuck-tying skin to ribs?


A "side rib pain with a tight breathing feeling " can be from a reverse tummy tuck.  You did not say, however, when your surgery was.  If it was recently, it is more likely that the symptoms are related.  Discuss this with your surgeon.


I need more information to answer  your question.  When was the surgery and where are you in your recovery?  The abdominal skin is suspended from the deep tissue of the chest with sutures which may be uncomfortable within the first few weeks of your surgery.  There are concerning issues like blood clots to the lung which can also create pain on taking a deep breath.  Return to your surgeon to discuss your complaints.  This may be minor and related to surgery in the immediate post operative course but you want to be sure.  I hope this was helpful.


Reverse Tummy Tuck & Discomfort – Reverse abdominoplasty is not a procedure that is normally done for a tummy tuck. It is an effective procedure for patients who have only upper abdominal wall skin redundancy. The scar can be challenging and one can have some rib pain discomfort, but it usually subsides after 4-6 weeks.

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