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What treatment should I consider for edema & numbness after a mini facelift?


I have persistent facial edema & numbness since having surgery on 5/16/13. I am undergoing lymphatic massage without relief. Any recommendations?


 An evaluation & examination would be best to answer your question. May I suggest you request copies of your pre-operative photo's and operative report. Take these materials for a second option from one of the many ASAPS Members in your area to address your concerns. 



Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS


The problems you are having following a "mini facelift" should have resolved by now. I agree with Dr. Culbertson. Seek a second opinion with your records of the procedure you had.


There are many types of mini facelifts.  The operative report will provide this information.  It is not uncommon to still have some numbness near or in front of the surgical incision and this will resolve in time.  The facial edema should be fairly completely resolved.  However, some facelift procedure, even mini, will perform a SMAS plication which will build up the deep layer for more fullness and this will not resolve.

I agree with the other plastic surgeons that a second opinion may be helpful, if your surgeon is not providing enough information and support.  Good luck.

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