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I want to do something with the hanging skin on my inner arms and upper legs. Could...


I want to do something with the hanging skin on my inner arms and upper legs. Could you tell me a little about these types of surgeries?


Following significant weight loss or occasionally because of the aging process the skin will become loose. Without good skin elasticity, the skin stretches and will not return to its former shape. This is frequently seen in the upper arm and thigh areas. There are surgical procedures available that can remove the excess skin and leave the thighs or upper arms with a more pleasing and youthful contour. Depending on the amount of loose skin on the upper arm the incision is located near the axilla (armpit) only or will extend on the inner side of the upper arm down to the elbow. This procedure is called a brachioplasty. To remove excess skin from the thighs, an incision is made in the groin area, the skin is loosened towards the knee and the excess skin is pulled upwards. The excess skin is removed and the wound is closed. The scar is usually hidden in the groin crease. This procedure is called a thigh lift. Both operations can be performed as an outpatient.


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