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Can I have visible surface capillaries treated with a laser?


I have an area on my upper chest with many very visible surface capillaries that appeared after radiation therapy for breast cancer. They are not raised. Can I have them treated with a laser?


Yes, it is indeed possible. Make sure you are out of the acute phases of recovery from your radiation treatments before you consider laser ablation of these capillaries to avoid hypopigmentation. Your radiation therapy provider should be able to guide you to as when the time is right. 



Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS


The V-Beam Perfecta laser is the gold standard for treating spider veins and rosacea. After a single treatment most people notice a significant difference. Some people require multiple treatments for complete removal, or sometimes treatments every few years for new veins or rosacea flare ups but the right person can expect great results.

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