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April 27, 2017

ASAPS Newsroom - Society of Plastic Surgical Skin Care Specialists Celebrates 23rd Annual Meeting in San Diego

San Diego, CA (April 26, 2017) – The Society of Plastic Surgical Skin Care Specialists (SPSSCS) celebrates Skin Care 2017 – “Sail into What’s New in Skin Care,” its 23rd Annual Meeting in San Diego today. The annual meeting of SPSSCS is held each spring in conjunction with the annual meeting of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) and the Aesthetic Surgery Education and Research Foundation (ASERF).

April 24, 2017

13 Breast Implant Questions You’ve Been Too Embarrassed to Ask

Reader's Digest –

Thinking about breast implants? We went to the experts to get answers to the top 13 questions you've been too embarrassed to ask. You're welcome!

April 24, 2017

Botox tested to help treat depression and social anxiety


While Botox is commonly used for cosmetic purposes, doctors say the reasoning behind the treatment for depression may not be what you expect.

April 11, 2017

Why Would Women Want To Have Plastic Surgery On Their Genitals?

Forbes –

Probably few surgical procedures are as controversial as labiaplasty, which refers to plastic surgery on the labia, the fleshy folds that enclose and protect the rest of women’s external genitals.

April 11, 2017

The Juvéderm Vollure XC Filler Has Just Been Approved by the FDA

Allure –

While cosmetic enhancements, such as fillers and Botox, are still (unfortunately) considered taboo in today's society, surprisingly, the number of people getting work done is going up and up.

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