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June 22, 2016

Millennials are binge-watching surgeries on Snapchat

New York Post –

Surgical voyeurism has reached new heights in the decade since “Nip/Tuck,” the scripted FX show about plastic surgery, became a hit. Increasingly, doctors are filming procedures and posting them to YouTube and Snapchat.

June 22, 2016

As teen girls seek breast and genital surgery, experts emphasize education –

At what point would you be concerned that a teen might have something like body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) and refer them to a therapist or psychiatrist?

June 22, 2016

Need a nip or tuck? There are the top plastic surgery trends for millennials –

Millennials are self-expressive, confident, open to change and are estimated to become the most educated generation in American history. But these attributes don’t just apply to their access to Google search and their willingness to roll with the latest Instagram update.

June 6, 2016

Till wrinkles do us part: Introducing the brotox groom

The New York Times –

If some men look a little facially frozen in their wedding photos, it’s now perhaps because of the Botox.

June 6, 2016

More men interested in facial rejuvenation –

Board certified plastic surgeons often take part in offering data to these respected organizations in order to assist with these informational studies. When it comes to the demographics of patients, the results can often be enlightening.

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