Considering plastic surgery? Look to mom and dad

Many people who are beginning to see the signs of aging may be considering undergoing plastic surgery to tackle unwanted wrinkles. Those who are at a loss as to what part of their body they should target may want to look to their parents for inspiration, according to The Daily Mail.

February 9, 2011
Categories: Anti-Aging News, Facial Aesthetic Surgery News


Miami woman arrested for injecting Botox without a license

A woman from Miami-Dade County, Florida, was arrested on Tuesday, January 25, on charges of practicing without a medical license and possession with intent to sell drugs without a prescription.

February 8, 2011
Categories: Patient Safety


Winter may be the best time to undergo cosmetic surgery

Though many complain about their complexion during the winter, it appears as though the colder season may be the best time to undergo a variety of skin-related cosmetic procedures. Tanned skin may be resistant to many laser procedures, including the removal of sun spots or unwanted hair, according to The New York Times.

February 4, 2011
Categories: Cosmetic Medicine News, Laser Procedures


Brazilian blowout gone bad and other chemical misdemeanors

Two years ago, authors Siobhan O’Connor and Alexandra Spunt were feeling flush and decided it would be fun to indulge together in pricey keratin hair straightening, also known as the Brazilian blowout.

February 3, 2011
Categories: Patient Safety


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