Mother gives 7-year-old plastic surgery for Christmas

A British woman who is known as the "Human Barbie" after undergoing hundreds of plastic surgeries to alter her appearance is passing her fondness for cosmetic procedures down to her young daughter.

January 25, 2012
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If it’s surgically inserted, like a breast implant, it will need care

Whether you’re wearing a tank top, bathing suit or cocktail dress, there’s no better accompaniment than well-shaped breasts. Though an “A” bra cup size will not qualify you for disability insurance, those that go forth with a flat chest sometimes feel like they’re operating with a handicap. To prove this point, since 1962, between five and ten million unendowed, poorly endowed or otherwise dissatisfied women, worldwide, including an estimated 1.5 to 2.5 million in the United States, have undergone breast implant surgery.

January 24, 2012
Categories: Breast Surgery News, Patient Safety


Research is a mandatory requirement for plastic surgery

When it comes to plastic surgery, patients may feel overwhelmed by the number of choices available to them.

January 23, 2012
Categories: Plastic Surgery News, Patient Safety


Botox effects are far reaching, study finds

New research published in the January issue of Anesthesia & Analgesia finds that Botulinum neurotoxin Type A, otherwise known as Botox, may have positive effects on muscles that are relatively distant from the point of injection.

January 20, 2012
Categories: Cosmetic Medicine News, Injectables


Unqualified doctors “drift” into unregulated states to perform cosmetic surgery

First, there was “snow drift;” now there is “practice drift.” Just like a huge blanket of snow that drifts where you may least want it, there are doctors who “drift” into medical areas in which they do not belong. No, they are not saving lives on a remote mountain top; they are operating out of unregulated office surgery facilities. “Why?” Because it’s lucrative.  Into what medical area is the wind blowing them? Plastic surgery.

January 19, 2012
Categories: Patient Safety


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