ASERF Silent Auction

Auction to be held: April 13 – 15, 2013
Jacob K. Javits Convention Center – New York, NY
In conjunction with the Aesthetic Meeting 2013

The Mission of ASERF is to identify and pursue those issues relevant to the advancement, effectiveness and safety of aesthetic surgery through directed research and education for the purpose of benefiting patients, physicians, and this entire field of medicine.

Walk away from The Aesthetic Meeting a winner!  With amazing silent auction opportunities, including everything from essential aesthetic products to marketing packages, come to The Aesthetic Meeting and bid to win!  All proceeds from the ASERF Silent Auction, held in the ASAPS Marketplace, will directly support the Mission of ASERF by funding the creation of a plastic surgery Data Hub.

Goals of the Auction:

  • Raise funds to support the data collection and research efforts funded by ASERF
  • Increase traffic for Exhibitors

What to donate?

  • Products
  • Services
  • Equipment
  • Teaching Resources/Materials
  • Devices
  • Tools

Why donate?

  • Show your support of plastic surgery research and data collection
  • Increase your name and brand recognition
  • Generate sales and leads
  • Create incentive to visit your exhibit booth
  • Donation is tax deductible
  • Improve reputation
  • Promote products and/or services

Who Benefits?

  • Patients
  • Physicians
  • The field of aesthetic plastic surgery
  • Exhibitors

Sneak Peek of Auction Items:



Transform Consultations into Scheduled Procedures with VECTRA® XT-3D Imaging for Breast, Body and Face.

VECTRA® XT offers new opportunities for word-of-mouth referrals and has been shown to help convert consultations into scheduled procedures.

VECTRA® owners report an average of Consults Up 23%, Procedures Up 27%. (VECTRA 3D Customer Survey Results, August 2010).


Venus Concept

90-Day Evaluation
Venus Concept is offering a 90-Day Evaluation of the Venus Freeze. Venus Freeze® is a safe and non-invasive medical aesthetic device used to reduce circumference, improve cellulite, tighten skin, and reduce wrinkles.  Its state-of-the-art technology unites Magnetic Pulses and Multi-Polar Radio Frequency to deliver a soothing and relaxing treatment, and reverse aging on your patients' face, neck and body.
Venus Freeze® provides a significant advantage to any aesthetic practice, with superior versatility and dedicated company support. Gain the unique ability to address facial and whole body rejuvenation with a single, cost-efficient device. Included: Installation and Comprehensive Training, Effective Marketing Programs and Service & Clinical Support
» Restrictions: Offer only available to North American based Physicians.


Ulthera System
Ulthera®, Inc. is a global, high-growth medical device company pioneering aesthetic and medical applications using its therapeutic ultrasound platform technology. The Ulthera® System is the first and only energy-based device to receive FDA clearance for a non-invasive aesthetic lift indication. It is used in a face and neck procedure known as Ultherapy®, which is cleared to lift skin on the brow, neck and under the chin.  For more information, visit

Miramar Labs

miraDry bioTip
The miraDry bioTip, a sterile single-patient use consumable, is used with miraDry System to provide a non-invasive and lasting solution to excessive underarm sweat. It entails delivering microwave energy to the area beneath the underarm skin where the sweat glands reside, resulting in thermolysis of the sweat glands. The effect can be seen immediately. The miraDry System has FDA clearance in the United States for the treatment of primary axillary hyperhidrosis. Physicians are encouraged to visit for additional information about the miraDry procedure.
»Restrictions: Must be existing U.S. customer of Miramar Labs.

Strategic Edge

Marketing and Branding Evaluation
Two days on-site: Dana Fox, president of SEP will conduct an onsite evaluation and review of all aspects of your practice’s marketing and branding messages and visual presentations. This includes an in- depth review of the doctors and staff, facility and patient experience from start to finish, including the consultation process, all printed and Internet marketing efforts, and an analysis of your three top competitors.

Prior to the on-site, a team of SEP graphic designers, internet & advertising marketing professionals and media strategists assess your brand, current marketing budget and media placement, reach, and frequency in order to determine the best strategy to meet your objectives.

Within 30 days, you’ll receive a comprehensive written report of findings, complete with recommendations for implementation.

Three LIVE Staff Training Webinars “That Work” –  Valued at $1500
Improve every patient interaction…and grow your practice. As the leaders in medical marketing with over 25 years experience working with practices throughout the U.S, we know it is a major challenge to answer online inquiries, talk to prospects and patients on the phone, and conduct consultations that turn into surgeries.  Seeing this huge need in our industry,  we developed three webinars – to help every staff member learn simple, consistent, time-saving  ways to connect with and provide better service to patients. 

EMAILS THAT WORK: How to turn inquiries… into consultations… into patients
Developed by medical marketing communications expert, Joan Fodor who is an expert in the most successful ways to win over aesthetic patients in today’s increasingly competitive environment. 

CONSULTATIONS THAT WORK: How to turn interest into a scheduled happy patient. Developed by Dana Fox, one of the foremost experts in medical marketing, staff training and patient satisfaction. 

PHONE SKILLS THAT WORK  (live webinar): How to make the most out of every inquiry phone call Developed by Dana Fox

(Qty: 2) A Mystery Shopper for your practice and your top 3 competitors:
An efficient front office is one of the highest predictors of patient satisfaction. Mystery shopping by both telephone and email is the best way to see your practice from the outside looking in. It frequently provides information on why a prospective patient may opt to choose another practice. We will also shop your three top competitors to assess their strengths and weaknesses In comparison to your current marketing and sales abilities. We provide you with a detailed written report of our findings and recommendations. This is followed up with a conference call to discuss the report.

Thomas Fallon

Sea Glass Fine Art
Bid on a chance to win a twelve-inch limited edition fine art print from any image in our online portfolio.
Thomas Fallon is the creator of photographs at Sea Glass Fine Art a professional photographer for 35 years! From the rocky coast of Maine, to the charm of Route 66, to the unique scenes of the New Orleans French Quarter, to the sculpted beaches of Malibu - you will find it all here.


Cool sculpting system:
ZELTIQ developed an advanced medical device that utilizes Cryolipolysis to eliminate fat. The CoolSculpting Procedure extracts energy (cooling) from the underlying fat tissue without damage to other tissues. The applicator cup uses vacuum pressure to draw the tissue between the cooling panels. When fat cells are exposed to precise cooling, they trigger a process of natural removal that gradually reduces the thickness of the fat layer.  The CoolSculpting System includes a touch-screen, applicators that are optimized to fit different body shapes and sizes, plus all the training and support you need for successful patient outcomes.
»Restrictions: United States physicians only.

Kramer Portraits

Studio Session and a Masterpiece Wall Portrait
Kramer Portraits is proud to donate a Gift Certificate for a Studio Session and a Masterpiece Wall Portrait on canvas, size 16” x 20” hand finished with artistic touches for color and highlights, (unframed) to be photographed at the St Regis Hotel, New York.

Non-transferable. Up to 8 people in portrait.

A Kramer Portrait combines the realism of a photograph and the distinct richness of an oil painting. Each portrait is hand finished with oils and acrylics to design a piece of original art.
»Restrictions: Studios are located in New York and New Jersey. Expiration date: 9/13/13

Cosmetic Image Marketing

“How to Grow an Aesthetic Practice”
The How-To Series Reference Library with 12 Modules will Reveal 80% of Everything You Need to Know to Increase Your Aesthetic Profits by $3,000-$36,000 Per Month and Grow a Multi-Million Dollar Aesthetic Practice Without Hiring Additional Staff or Spending a Fortune on Advertising. Everything you need – the creative thinking, the strategies and the graphic design work has been done for you already. Each module focuses on one revenue-generating topic that has been proven successful with practices just like yours all around the country. They got results and you will too.


Environ AVST
The Environ AVST at home treatment products provide a complete results-driven daily skin care program. All products have been scientifically researched to deliver a balance of vitamin A and C, antioxidants, peptides and hydrating ingredients to help provide the appearance of a youthful skin with a healthy-looking glow. The set includes a gentle cleanser to remove impurities and make-up; a moisturizing toner to help hydrate the skin; a daily treatment moisturizer to help improve the look of even tone, texture and hydration; an eye gel to help firm and smooth the appearance around the eyes; and a sunscreen, plus sun hat, to help protect the face and body.

Oculo - Plastik Inc.

LaserSecure instruments and ocular shields (Cox II & II H with offset handle and Durette II - III & IV external goggles). The Durette III and IV feature movable plastic or metal attachments. OPSoft mouthguard for hair removal with laser, IPL and RF systems. Laser eyewear for the OR. Disposable stick-on eye patches for laser, IPL and LED. Not for laser: up to 50 cycles in autoclavable, yellow transparent or black plastic ocular shields, Jaeger and Desmarres. Also Durette plastic goggles (black or white) for PDT and LEDs.

1 pair of (21-335) Durette® II external laser shield, patient's goggles, with OPSoft laser mouthguard (bag of 10) $40

1 pair of (21-445) Durette® III external LASER shields, patient's goggles with mobile plastic attachments, regular with OPSoft laser mouthguard (bag of 10).

1 pair of (21-445) Durette® IV external LASER shields, patient's goggles with mobile metal attachments, regular with OPSoft laser mouthguard (bag of 10)

Grams Medical

The Facial Instrument Kit (FIK-500)
This kit contains instruments essential to facilitate the harvesting and injection of tissue for facial contouring.

The kit contains: 
Fluid Injection Needle-18g x 14cm
Lambros Micro Harvesting Cannula-2.7mm x 16cm
10cc Syringe Lock
Luer to Luer Transfer
Tissue Injection Needle-18g x 7cm

All instruments stored in a small tray for sterilization.

Advice Media

Website Design
Advice Media Digital Branding and Visibility Toolkit:  While image may not be everything, it is something and all too often aesthetic surgery professionals underestimate its importance in promoting their practice, costing them new patients.  Establishing a powerful practice brand and using it in a consistent manner is essential in today's highly competitive environment.  This toolkit, along with the professional support that comes with it, will help you create, establish and promote your professional brand in a highly effective and efficient manner - resulting in higher brand recognition and patient exposure.  Image may in fact be everything...   

Etna Interactive

Medical Web Marketing
Redeemable for $30,000 worth of Etna Interactive’s services, inclusive of: strategic consulting, website design, development and optimization, custom Web system engineering, online marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, social media support, local search engine optimization, and online reputation management. The high bidder will work with one of Etna Interactive’s Account Executives to develop and deploy an online marketing strategy recommended for your market.


Computer Software
TouchMD is the leader in plastic surgery consultation software.  This software will help better educate patients and close more consultations resulting in an increase in revenue.  This patented software gives the ability to draw, diagram, use the patient’s own image, and manage documents.  In addition to these innovative tools TouchMD is the only software in the world that gives the patient the ability to “relive” the consultation from their home and share it with others.  We are pleased to be giving a full license of the TouchMD software, plus first year of our annual fee for free.  This covers hosting, training and all updates. After the first year it will be $1999/year.


Affinity QS
The Affinity QS is a high-powered, Q-switched Nd:YAG laser that’s ideal for treating multi-colored tattoos and pigmented lesions. Since it’s a dual-wavelength system, offering both 1064nm and a 532nm, you can choose whichever wavelength is more effective for the intensity of tattoo color or type of pigmented lesion being treated.

The 1064-nm wavelength is ideal for treating darker tattoos and dermal pigmented lesions, while the 532-nm wavelength treats red-colored tattoos and epidermal pigmented lesions.

Optimal versatility enables you to switch wavelengths, select spot sizes for customized treatment and deliver more energy where it's needed for faster treatment of large areas.

SmoothShapes® XV 
SmoothShapes® XV  is a non-invasive Cellulite and Body Contouring workstation from Cynosure Inc.  Specifically designed to treat the appearance of cellulite with results lasting up to six months, the SmoothShapes provides an ideal way to add laser powered, non-invasive body contouring to your practice. 

The platform features proprietary technology called Photomology which combines 915nm continuous wave diode laser, 650nm light and vacuum component that positions the skin for optimal laser and light penetration.  The SmoothShapes is easy-to-use and features two handpieces for treatment areas on the whole body, shoulders to calves and the areas in between. 

Train with an Expert – Dr. Al Aly

Dr. Aly is a pioneer in the development of the subspecialty of plastic surgery after massive weight loss. He is internationally recognized as an expert in this arena and has lectured and/or performed surgery in over 25 countries around the world. He has published the first ever textbook on the subject of plastic surgery after massive weight loss entitled “Body Contouring After Massive Weight Loss”. It is the most widely read and utilized textbook on this subject in the world. Although known for body contouring, Dr. Aly’s original expertise is in facial aesthetic surgery. He has a large experience in facial, nasal, & breast aesthetic surgery.  Bid on a chance to join Dr. Aly in the operating room performing a belt lipectomy and/or upper body lift, or a brachioplasty!
»Restrictions: Participant must be a plastic surgeon and appropriate paperwork must be submitted to University of California Irvine Medical Center before participation.  Participant is responsible for their own travel arrangements and cost if applicable.

Implantech Associates

Gift Basket
Bid on this fabulous gift basket of goodies from Implantech!  The winning bid may choose any two implants from the Conform™ Implant Line - these include the following:  Conform™ Midfacial Implant (pair - left & right); Conform™ Binder Submalar® (pair - left & right); Conform™ Terino Malar Shell (pair - left & right); Conform™ Extended Anatomical Chin.

Winning bid will also receive the following items:

One box of 10 Smoke Aspirator Tips; One box (12 tubes) of Cimeosil® Scar Gel; One 4x5 Cimeosil® Gel Strip; One Cimeosil® Long Gel Strip and two GelZone® 6x48 Wraps. 

Jan Marini Skin Research

Gift Basket
Jan Marini skin care products provide medically based technologies that can dramatically address many common skin concerns, such as acne, rosacea, fine lines and wrinkles, and sun damage, and greatly enhance the overall health and appearance of your skin. This basket contains a complete 5-Step Skin Care Management System plus supplemental products that will enhance your Jan Marini skin care regime.

Canfield Imagine Systems

Reveal Imager
The Reveal Imager from Canfield Imaging Systems is designed to take high quality standardized and reproducible facial photographs.  This innovative system captures images of surface and sub-surface skin features and will photograph front, left, and right views. 

The Reveal Imager uses the same Canfield proprietary RBX™ Technology employed in research laboratories and high-end skin care practices.  With RBX, skin care professionals can visualize subsurface vascular conditions (red) and pigmentation (brown) as well as eyelash analysis and a 3D view to develop highly targeted treatment recommendations.  Reveal includes customizable product recommendations which appear along with client pictures on a printed report.


truSculpt Shape Up, Size Down Practice Success Kit ($28,000 value) - Give your practice a jump-start in sizing up profits with the Cutera practice success kit. Included in this package are all the components of a successful truSculpt marketing campaign, including:

(3) 25 cm2 or 40 cm2 truSculpt handpiece refills ($22,500)

$5,000 in Cutera Marketing Dollars*

Exclusive truSculpt swag for your practice – (truSculpt banner stand, brochures, t-shirts)

FDA cleared for deep tissue heating and the temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite. CE Mark for body sculpting, body contouring, circumferential reduction and fat reduction.

*with approved receipts

Stille Surgical


Still Surgical is offering TWO pairs of Metzenbaum Scissors Curved – Pattern # 101-8175-18. Precision, durability and feel are characteristic qualities of all Stille instruments. The vast majority are handcrafted by our highly skilled instrument makers from Sweden. The instruments' journey from a rod of stainless steel to a finished instrument is a long one, involving multiple stages. Stille's unique method of crafting its instrument materials, and its usage of only the very highest-grade steels, give our instruments their unique feel and durability. Stille's instruments are easily recognizable from their characteristic slender design and excellent balance. Their highly polished surface means Stille instruments are lighter and easier to keep clean, and thus more durable against discoloration and oxidation.


Reputation Management Program
eMerit helps you manage your Internet presence and promote your practice.
Doctors have seen their new patient volume – and revenue - pick up significantly.

The program’s 3 prongs:

  1. Monitor what patients are saying online
  2. Help doctors respond in HIPAA compliant way.
  3. Point of service patient reviews on i-Pad - to the doctor; and with patient’s permission uploaded to various doctor review sites.

The value propositions are:

  1. Improved patient satisfaction;
  2. Risk mitigation and conflict resolution
  3. Rock solid marketing program. The world then has a representative picture of the practice- defined by critical mass of real patients; not two noisy patients. Marketing program drives patient volume and increased revenue.


Gift Basket
Relax your wrinkles away with an all-inclusve Neocutis regimen. This skin rejuvenating regimen includes: Neo•Cleanse Exfoliating Skin Cleanser, Bio•Serum Bio-restorative Serum with PSP® Intensive Treatment, Journée Bio –restorative Day Cream with PSP® Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 30, Lumiére Bio-restorative Eye Cream with PSP® and Bio•cream Bio-restorative skin cream with PSP®. Kick back and relax with your hair in place with our Neocutis headband and cozy Neocutis snuggie!

BTL Aesthetics

BTL Aesthetics introduces RF RedeFined with Exilis. A significant technological advance in Radio Frequency aesthetic treatments. The exclusive Energy Flow Control system with variable surface cooling delivers precise volumetric heating of tissue for wrinkles, laxity and body contouring.  Exilis patented applicators deliver maximum thermal effect without costly consumables, while ensuring total safety, comfort and control.

Page 1 Solutions

Custom Website
Customized Niche Website - Procedure-specific websites are an effective strategy to a target area of your practice.  This can be a breast augmentation website, or a tummy tuck website, etc.  Not only can a niche website help your SEO results, it also projects a highly specialized image to target prospective patients.   Your niche website will be customized to be synergistic with your current website and includes: 1) Up to 10 pages of original copy writing, 2) a self-editing platform to edit and add your own photos, 3) 6 months of free hosting.  

Rosemont Media

New 27’’ iMac Desktop Computer
Bid on a chance to win an official Rosemont Media, LLC developer workstation, a 2013 Apple 27” iMac with an Intel i5 Quad Core processor, 8GB of ram and 1TB of hard drive space.  This sleek new design just launched by Apple this December, is 40% smaller than the previous model. A great investment for home or office use and powerful enough to run robust programs like Photoshop at lightening speeds.  This state of the art desktop includes a wireless magic mouse, keyboard and free shipping with in the US.

About Rosemont Media, llc
Rosemont Media,  llc an ASAPS Alliance partner and the leader in Responsive Website Design specializing in Search Engine & Social Media Marketing.  We limit our participation to only one practice per market and exclusively work with only Board Certified Plastic Surgeons.

Wendy Lewis & Co Ltd

WLCO Social Services
Want to boost your social media presence? Wendy Lewis & Co Ltd is offering 6 months of WLCOSocial services, which includes an initial phone consultation with Wendy Lewis, setting up a Facebook business page (or updating your existing page), and Twitter account (or updating your existing Twitter). WLCOSocial shall create original content based on your specifications - up to 2 Facebook posts and 2 Tweets daily - and post for you on these key platforms. WLCOSocial maintains a network of over 150,000 in the beauty/health category - and your tweets will be shared with their network.

Nordson Micromedics

The Artiste IC Assisted Injection System, with Artiste Rolling Cart
The Artiste® IC Assisted Injection System, from Nordson Micromedics, takes the injection process to a new level of comfort for you and your patient. This automated injection technology replaces thumb pressure with controlled air pressure, and offers a simplified and effective alternative for the injection of sterile materials including dermal fillers. The Artiste IC System eases the injection process, smoothly delivering even the most viscous materials and utilizes a CO2 D-tank increasing the injection capacity of the System. With the new customized cart, Artiste IC now has room-to-room portability for your convenience.

SettlePou Law Firm

Legal Services
The law firm of SettlePou will donate Michael Byrd or Bradford Adatto’s time for a half-day (5 hours) of strategic legal planning at the plastic surgeons office at the firm’s expense (including travel within the continental United States).  SettlePou’s health care group represents plastic surgeons throughout the United States for business and health care legal issues.  The strategic advice for this session may include planning for physician partnership, employment, legal models, regulatory issues, ancillary business investments, or other business of medicine legal planning. The time in the office is for legal planning and strategy and not for document drafting.

Incredible Marketing

Customized website
Incredible Marketing, Inc. will donate one custom complete website for business use. The website is intended to be developed for the use of any business associated with the winning bidder. The website will be 100% custom. Below details the general project specifications regarding the website. Incredible Marketing, Inc will work with you to design the website to your specifications. Project specifications include: customized website from the ground up, two custom designs offered in round one, up to 3 revisions of chosen design, focus on the needs and goals of your business, integration of newsletters/ calls to action to encourage clicks, email capture and intake form allowing clients to email you through the website and up to 15 pages within the website. Please note that additional services are available a la carte and not included in this auction item.

Hanson Medical

Custom Designed Ring
Lady’s ring 18k yellow gold with a 4.1 carat oval cut blue sapphire from Sri Lanka measuring 11 x 8.48 x 4.92mm with a clarity of S2/SI1. Color is heat enhanced. The center bezel and surrounding open work gallery are set with a total of 78 round brilliant cut diamonds approximately .01, .025, and .03 carats each. The adjacent rosettes are each accented by one center round brilliant cut diamond approximately 0.13 to 0.14 carats each, with a circular frame of 15 round brilliant cut diamonds approximately 0.015 carats each. Total weight of all diamond melee is 2.40 carats. Total weight is 12.2 grams. Replacement

Liquid Smile

Bid on a chance to win a family four pack of Liquid Smile, the first and only professional take-home whitening pen. One of every flavor! The true innovator and market leader in paint-on teeth whitening is Liquid Smile. Liquid Smile® is the only professional whitening product designed to be applied by the consumer, at home, and at the consumer’s convenience.

» Restrictions: Free shipping only within the US.

Train with an Expert: Dr. Daniel C. Mills, II

Dr. Mills has over 25 years of experience in private practice, 20 years of plastic surgery residency teaching at Loma Linda University. Dr. Mills has been recognized for his innovations and contributions to plastic surgery and is known for Transaxillary Subpectoral Augmentation Mamoplasty. Dr. Mills has published numerous books , done live surgeries all over the world, published numerous papers and has presented in front of national and international audiences at plastic surgery meetings. Bid on a chance to join Dr. Mills in his beautiful Laguna Beach, CA operating room and learn from an expert! This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about trans axillary augmentations.

Candace Crowe Designs

Candace Crowe Designes is offering a REVENEZ® 1 iPad consultation app! We believe in the power of beauty and using patient education to market your practice and improve patient outcomes. Your REVENEZ® 1 delivers the learning experience today’s patients expect, rich in interactivity, video and quality decision-making information. On the iPad, consults and potential patients watch, learn and engage in a way that helps them understand and process their responsibility in obtaining the best results and why to choose you. Your REVENEZ® 1 web-app can be accessed in the practice or at home, is easily updatable and the visual presentation is custom tailored to your brand. Empower patients to make the best decision they can with REVENEZ®1, and they will choose you.

Pacira Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Pacria Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is pleased to offer a $200.00 Bliss Spa gift card to be used towards the purchase of any product or service(s) as the recipient chooses. This gift allows the recipient to enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating day at the spa or purchase products to create the ultimate at home spa.

NKP Medical Marketing, Inc.

NKP Medical will build you a New Custom Website up to 100 pages total.  This will include the full build out of the website and a mobile website as well.  NKP will provide premium search engine optimization for 6 months from the day the site is made live and will also host the site at no charge.  You will also receive unlimited free updates and changes to the website.  You own the website and all content.  

Tulip Medical Products

Tulip Medical Products is offering a GEMS Procedure Kit – Small Volume Fat Transfer. This includes:
1 each GEMS Tumescent Infiltrator SuperLuerLok 14gauge x 20cm, 1 each GEMS Tonnard Harvester SuperLuerLok 13gauge x 20cm,1 each GEMS Tulip Micro Injector SuperLuerLok 17gauge x 7cm
1 each GEMS Tulip Micro Injector SuperLuerLok 19 gauge x 5cm, 1 each GEMS Tulip Micro Injector SuperLuerLok 20 gauge x 4cm, 2 each GEMS Johnnie Loks Monoject 10/12cc, 1 pair Tulip Transparent Transfers, 10 each Monoject 12 cc syringes and 10 each BD 1cc syringes.

Palomar Medical Technologies, Inc.

The Palomar Emerge™ diode laser is a small, portable 8 lb. fractional non-ablative laser for nonablative skin resurfacing.  The laser has an intuitive user interface and custom preset controls which are designed to help easily treat conditions such as mild to moderate wrinkles and pigmented lesions. Palomar Emerge™ laser includes base unit, handpiece, operator manual, eyewear, power cord, and marketing Business Builders Kit. Class 1M laser.

NeoGraft – Automated Follicular Unit Extraction System

The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique of the NeoGraft is the most advanced and minimally invasive hair transplant method to date.  With NeoGraft, procedure times are cut in half, yields high ROI, patient discomfort is reduced and delivers the most natural results. NeoGraft is the perfect fit for physicians searching for an exciting new revenue stream.

Allergan – Juvederm Products

JUVÉDERM®  Ultra injectable gel is indicated for injection into the mid-to-deep dermis for correction of moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds (such as nasolabial folds). JUVÉDERM®  Ultra XC injectable gel is supplied in individual treatment syringes with 30-G needles for single-patient use and ready for injection (implantation). JUVÉDERM®  Ultra Plus XC injectable gel is indicated for injection into the mid-to-deep dermis for correction of moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds (such as nasolabial folds).
JUVÉDERM®  Ultra Plus XC injectable gel is supplied in individual treatment syringes with 27-G needles for single-patient use and ready for injection (implantation).

Restrictions: Licensed United States Physicians with prescribing authority only.

Allergan – Vivite Skin Care

VIVITÉ® System―4 products (Exfoliating Facial Cleanser, Daily Antioxidant Facial Serum, Night Renewal Facial Cream and Revitalizing Eye Cream) that serve as the foundation for any advanced skin care routine. VIVITÉ® Defining Lip Plumper helps improve the appearance of lip volume, fullness, and fine lines and wrinkles. VIVITÉ® Vibrance Therapy is specially formulated with unique ingredients to help create the appearance of brighter and more even skin tone while helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. VIVITÉ® Vibrance Décolleté Therapy is specially formulated to help improve the overall appearance of skin on the chest area, without hydroquinone.

Solta Medical

Fraxel Laser System
As the original Fraxel® laser system, the Fraxel® 1550 laser is the accepted gold standard for non ablative fractional resurfacing.  Effective, safe and predictable, the laser delivers dramatic results for all skin types, on and off the face - with minimal disruption to patients' daily routine.  Indications for use include: pigmented lesions, mild to moderate periorbital rhytids, acne scars, surgical scars, melasma, actinic keratosis, and general skin resurfacing procedures.


eTwo® delivers comprehensive facial rejuvenation, featuring the breakthrough skin rejuvenation of both Sublative® and Sublime® applications. Sublative places fractional bi-polar RF energy into the upper dermis, treating facial wrinkles with minimal epidermal disruption. Sublime uses infrared light and bi-polar RF energies to remodel deep dermal layers, stimulating collagen to treat fine lines and facial contours. Both Sublime and Sublative applications are proven safe and effective for all skin types. The eTwo system also features an Intelligent Feedback System™, which provides real-time information on the energy delivery of each pulse. eTwo delivers two great rejuvenation treatments in one lightweight, portable system.

Ceatus Media Group

Bid on a chance to win an iPad mini! The iPad mini is the full iPad experience in a 7.9-inch display. It combines everything great about the iPad into a handheld device!


i-Lipo offers all skin types virtually pain-free, non-surgical body contouring and cellulite reduction in as little as 20 minutes without downtime. Low levels of laser energy stimulate the fat cell to break down stored triglycerides into free fatty acids, glycerol and water.  These molecules are released though the cell’s membrane and transported throughout the body where they are metabolized.Clinical tests prove the i-Lipo diode laser is an effective means of targeting problem areas including the waistline, thighs, arms, legs and even under the chin.  Patients typically report a 10% inch loss reduction following a treatment regimen.

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