Practice Changers

Saturday’s Practice Changers

Morning Break – 10:00am – 10:45am

Station One
10:05am - Eyebrows Elevation – A New, Easy and Cheap Trick – Domingos Q. De Paola, MD, Domingos De Paola Neto, Diana De Paola, MD

10:25am - Management of Facial Hyperpigmentation - Clyde H. Ishii, MD

Station Two
10:05am - Touch MD in Your Practice – Michael E. Edwards, MD

10:25am - Drain-Free Abdominoplasty Using Progressive Tension Sutures – Todd Pollock, MD

Lunch Break – 12:30pm – 2:00pm

Station One
12:40pm - Cool Sculpting- Non Surgical Treatment to Transformation, Happy Patients and Happy Surgeons – W. Grant Stevens, MD

1:00pm - The Lateral Pinch SMAS Facelift: A Safe and Effective Variation on the Theme - Lorne K. Rosenfield, MD

1:20pm - RADAR Resource Overview – Barry Fernando, MD

Station Two
12:40pm - How to Grow Your Solo Practice by Using Your Colleagues Around the Country and Around the Corner – Richard A. D’Amico, MD

1:00pm - Tips and Tricks in Aesthetic Surgery – Not Published, But Very Useful – Richard A. Warren, MD

1:20pm - My Patients Deserve the Best, Don’t Yours? SSI Protocol – Luis Rios, MD

Afternoon Break – 3:30pm – 4:10pm

Station One
3:35pm - Non-Pharmacological Prevention of Surgical Site Infection – V. Leroy Young, MD

3:50pm - Proper Antibiotic Use in Preventing Surgical Site Infection – Bernard Camins, MD

Station Two
3:35pm - The Process of Breast Augmentation – State of the Art – William P. Adams, Jr., MD

3:50pm - Minimally Invasive Alternative to a Facelift – Reverse Aging with Volume reduction of the Lower Face and Neck – Sharon Y. Giese, MD

Sunday’s Practice Changers

Morning Break – 9:15am – 9:45am

Station One

9:20am - RADAR Resource Overview – Barry Fernando, MD

9:35am - What’s New in RADAR Resource? – Barry Fernando, MD

Station Two
9:20am - 3D Simulation of Facial Fat Injection with Saline to Improve Results and Satisfaction – Subramaniam Arumugam, MD

9:35am - The Benefits of Adopting a Patient Safety Checklist in the Office-Based Surgical Setting – Donald Morris, MD

Monday’s Practice Changers

Morning Break – 9:45am – 10:15am

Station One
9:50am - The Perioperative Checklist – Lorne K. Rosenfield, MD

10:05am - WiMed – Claude Oppikofer, MD

Station Two
9:50am - Use of Regional Abdominal Block Injections of Liposomal Bupivicaine to Control Postoperative Pain After Abdominoplasty – Rolando Morales, Jr., MD, Henry Mentz, III, MD, Christopher K. Patronella, MD, German Newall, MD, Oscar Masters, II, MD

10:05am - Complications After Silicone Injections – Alberto Gallerani, MD

Lunch Break – 12:30pm – 2:00pm

Station One
12:40pm - Touch MD – How It Changed My Practice – Daniel C. Mills, II, MD

12:55pm - RADAR Resource Overview – Barry Fernando, MD

1:10pm - What’s New in RADAR Resource? – Barry Fernando, MD

Station Two
12:40pm - A Standard Protocol Approach to Reduce Fluid Collection in Body Contour Surgery – Nina Schwaiger, MD, Dirk Richter, MD

12:55pm - A Novel Approach to Pain Control in Augmentation Mammaplasty Using an Extended- Release Liposomal Bupivicaine-Based Analgesic – Mark Brzezienski, MS, MD, Larry Sargent, MD

1:10pm - Non-Surgical Structural Augmentation to Improve External Nasal Valve Function: A New Technique to Substitute Revision Rhinoplasty – Moshen Naraghi, MD