Dear Friends:

With the burgeoning growth of energy and light-based therapies for aesthetic uses, it’s no surprise that ethical manufacturers, consumers and physicians alike are faced with a confusing array of photographic images, terms and language. To try and help with this issue, The Aesthetic Surgery Journal published an article bringing a common dominator to such vague terms as “downtime”, “swelling” and “pain” as well as re-stating photographic guidelines.  You can read a PDF of the article by clicking here.

The Aesthetic Society would like to encourage all energy and light-based exhibitors at the Aesthetic Meeting 2013 to adopt this terminology and photographic standards in your meeting promotional materials.

What’s in it for manufacturers?

Your company will be given special recognition for use in your booth, recognition on the website, recognition in the meeting slides used between the scientific sessions and special mention at the opening of the meeting.  The ultimate benefit is that physicians and the public will have a better understanding of the clinical efficacy of your device as compared to others. 

What’s in it for members?

You will be able to manage patient expectations by having clear and easy to understand language for use during patient consultations.  A simplified definition of terms will also be helpful to members by providing  a better understanding of the technology promoted when a physician goes to purchase a device.

What’s in it for the public?

A clear understanding of what to expect when considering treatment with light and energy based devices.

Of course, we are not mandating the use of these terms but we are hopeful that a common language will be beneficial to all of us in both the long and short term.  If you are a manufacturer and would like to submit your materials for consideration, you can upload them to our ShareFile system (for instructions for this upload, contact Lisa Orozco at  The Light and Energy -based Technologies Committee will review all entries.

Even if you don’t choose to participate at this time, we are grateful that you will be exhibiting with us and look forward to seeing you in New York.


Best Regards,

Michael Kulick, MD
Chair, Light and Energy-based Technologies Committee
The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery