ASAPS Says Cheek Lift Rejuvenates the Mid-face With Fewer Scars

NEW YORK, NY (January 31, 2002) — "One of the distinct signs of aging is when the distance between the eye and the cheek elongates," says Newport Beach, CA, plastic surgeon Malcolm Paul, MD, president of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). Rejuvenating the sagging soft tissues of the cheek and lower eyelid areas can be achieved by a cosmetic surgical procedure called the "cheek lift." A high level of surgical skill and an extensive knowledge of anatomy are required to perform cheek lifts, says Dr. Paul, but modifications to techniques have resulted in safer and more reliable methods of mid-face rejuvenation.

The technique shown (with small incisions hidden behind the hairline in the temporal region and with access to the cheek fat pad by way of the mouth) is one of several possible approaches to performing a cheek lift. Alternate incision sites (such as through the lower eyelid) may be used. Illustration by William M. Winn, Atlanta, GA.

There are several approaches to performing a cheek lift. What they all have in common is the benefit of avoiding the standard facelift incisions in front of the ear. In addition, the cheek lift allows the plastic surgeon to reposition the soft tissues of the mid-face and achieve a more youthful facial contour. For patients whose aging is limited to the mid-face region, this makes the cheek lift more beneficial than a standard facelift procedure.

Cheek lifting is not new -- some ASAPS members have been performing cheek lifts for years. Dr. Paul has published extensively on the subject, and as early as 1999, surgeons presenting their work at the ASAPS Annual Meeting had already documented more than five years of experience with cheek lifting.

"Modifications have resulted in reliable and safe methods for mid-face rejuvenation," says Dr. Paul. "With these techniques, combined with surgical correction of the upper and lower thirds of the face, we are closer to achieving total facial rejuvenation."


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