Rules, Regulations and Conduct

Rules and Regulations
The Rules and Regulations are incorporated as part of the Exhibit Space Rental Agreement. All Rules and Regulations have been developed to ensure the show’s integrity and to create a high quality marketing opportunity for your company.

ASAPS/ASERF reserves the right to interpret rules and regulations, as well as make final decisions on all points not covered above.

Violations of Rules and Regulations

  • As a condition of exhibiting, each exhibitor must comply with these policies. Violations will be enforced as follows:
  • 1st violation will result in a written warning
  • 2nd violation will result in loss of one booth point
  • 3rd violation will result in loss of 1/2 of accumulated points
  • 4th violation will result in loss of all points and eligibility to exhibit at future ASAPS/ASERF Meetings

Conduct of Exhibits
To see a description of our Conduct of Exhibits, please click here.

To see our Liability document, please click here.

ADA Requirements
Each exhibitor shall be responsible for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1992 within their booth and assigned space to ensure access into their booth. For more information, please refer to the U.S. Department of Justice ADA Information website:

Subletting of Space
Exhibitors may NOT sublet booth space to any other company that is not a division of the same company or a legally contracted agent of the exhibitor (valid proof will be required before permission is given). Violation of this portion of the agreement will result in expulsion of one or both exhibitors. Written requests for permission to include affiliated representatives must be sent to ASAPS/ASERF at the time of the returned contract.

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