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Readers frequently ask me how they can achieve the maximum benefit from the Aesthetic Surgery Journal. My response is always the same: read the journal from cover to cover! This month, I’ve picked five papers to highlight; four address controversial topics which I am confident you will find interesting and may even tempt you to join the discussion. We welcome your related Tweets and Facebook posts whenever the mood strikes.

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In the Facial Surgery Section I have chosen: The Role of Gravity in Periorbital and Midfacial Aging by Pooja Mally, MD; Craig N. Czyz, DO; and Allan E. Wulc, MD. Is aging of the midface volume loss, descent of the tissues or both? By comparing midface volume in the upright and supine position the authors conclude that gravity does indeed play a role in the aging process. The excellent commentary by Dr. Lambros puts forward the case for volume depletion. Please read the abstract here:

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In the Breast Surgery Section, Dr. Ducic and colleagues from Georgetown University discuss the little talked about risk of nerve damage associated with aesthetic breast surgery. Their recommendations for avoidance and management are a must read. Nerve Injuries in Aesthetic Breast Surgery: Systematic Review and Treatment Options by Ivica Ducic, MD, PhD; Hesham M. Zakaria, MD; John M. Felder III, MD; and Sarah Fantus, BA. Please read the abstract here:

Also in the Breast Surgery Section I draw your attention to a paper from Emory University: Breast Implant–Associated Anaplastic Large-Cell Lymphoma: Report of 2 Cases and Review of the Literature by Alexandra M. Hart, BSA; Mary Jo Lechowicz, MD; Kendall K. Peters, MD, FACS; Jeannine Holden, MD; and Grant W. Carlson, MD, FACS. Dr. Carlson and colleagues report two new cases and provide an up-to-date review of the literature. Dr. Gary Brody has provided a commentary and Dr. Neal Riesman addresses the topic of Implant-Associated ALCL in this month’s editorial. Please read the abstract here:

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In the Body Contouring Section is the LOE 2 paper by Eric Swanson of Leawood Kansas: No Increase in Female Breast Size or Fat Redistribution to the Upper Body After Liposuction: A Prospective Controlled Photometric Study. Dr. Swanson clearly demonstrates that neither abdominoplasty nor liposuction produces secondary breast enlargement. Please read the abstract here:

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The final selection this month is from our Research Section: The Ethics of Stem Cell–Based Aesthetic Surgery: Attitudes and Perceptions of the Plastic Surgery Community by Harry S. Nayar, MD, MBE; Arthur L. Caplan, PhD; Felmont F. Eaves, MD; and J. Peter Rubin, MD.  Through a survey of ASAPS and ASPS members, Dr. Rubin and coauthors tackle the delicate ethical issues surrounding the promotion and applications of stem cells in aesthetic surgery. Please read the abstract here:

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