ASJ Receives First Impact Factor: 1.469

Last year, Aesthetic Surgery Journal was accepted by Thomson Reuters for inclusion in their Science Citation Information Expanded (SCIE) and Journal Citation Report (JCR) editions, beginning with the 2009 issues of The Journal. We are now extremely pleased to announce that ASJ has received its first Impact Factor. Our 2011 Impact Factor is 1.469, and we are ranked 90thout of 198 journals in the entire surgery category (not just aesthetic surgery).

The Impact Factor represents the average number of times articles published by the Journal in the 2 years prior to the ranking have been cited by authors in other ranked journals (or in ASJ). For example, the Impact Factor for 2011 was calculated as follows: [Citations in 2011 to citable articles published in 2009 & 2010] divided by [The total number of citable articles published in 2009 & 2010]. This ratio is basically a measure of the frequency with which the average article in a journal has been cited in a particular year or period and reflects the influence of a journal’s contributions on the “state of the science” in a particular subspecialty.

The systematic ranking of academic journals by Thomson Reuters (formerly ISI) in its annual Journal Citation Reports (JCR) has gained significant attention and importance in recent years, especially because of the academic implications of a journal’s Impact Factor. Specifically, faculty members undergoing the tenure review process are expected to have published their work in ranked journals, librarians now consider a journal’s rank when making subscription decisions, and some countries grant university funding based on the publication records of their faculty, specifically in ranked journals. Essentially, as a result of our Impact Factor, ASJ is now able to offer potential authors a venue to publish their work with increased credibility and visibility.

The ISI maintains a list of over 14,000 journals in both the sciences and humanities, and ASJ is proud to be included in the list. Applicant journals must meet a rigorous list of criteria that include timely publication, the quality of the journal’s editorial content, international diversity of the journal’s authors and board members, and the journal’s overall contributions to the subspecialty. Indexing with this service is a great honor for Aesthetic Surgery Journal – one that builds upon our previous achievement of PubMed/MEDLINE indexing in 2008.

We feel that the JCR listing and our Impact Factor – which compares very favorably with other journals in aesthetic surgery - designation reflects our commitment to continuous improvement in publishing quality articles that provide a perspective on the research, science, and clinical practice of aesthetic surgery. As always, we invite you to submit your manuscripts to Aesthetic Surgery Journal, where they will receive a timely and thorough peer review.

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