Editor's Choice: May 2013

Dear Readers,

The May issue of “The Gold Journal” is packed full of clinically-useful information we could all incorporate into our daily practices.  While I always recommend that you read every article, I have picked 5 specific articles to highlight.  The selections include international contributions on a wide range of subjects, from eyelid closure mechanisms, to the treatment of cellulite, to complications of fillers, to abdominal contouring, and a look at the differences in the growth of cosmetic surgery between the United States and the United Kingdom.

My first selection is a paper entitled Dynamic Diagnosis of “Fishmouthing” Syndrome, an Overlooked Complication of Blepharoplasty.” Drs. McCord and Miotto discuss the role of lateral canthal dysfunction in eyelid closure problems and introduce the terms “fishmouthing” and “cow lash sign” as 2 new symptoms of eyelid malfunction.  The text, as well as the excellent videos, further enhance our knowledge of anatomical eyelid functioning and factors that disrupt it.

The second article on my Editor’s Choice list, entitled “A Multi-center Study for a Single, Three Step Laser Treatment for Cellulite Using a 1440-nm Nd:YAG Laser, a Novel Side-Firing Fiber, and a Temperature Sensing Cannula” is by Drs. DiBernardo, Sasaki, Katz, et al. This Level 2 study, in my estimation, represents a step forward in the search for a definitive celluliate treatment. The authors report moderate improvement in the appearance of treated sites for at least 6 months.

My third choice is by Colombian authors - Drs. Hoyos, Perez, and Castillo – and is entitled “Dynamic Definition Mini-Lipoabdominoplasty Combining Multilayer Liposculpture, Fat Grafting, and Muscular Plication.” The authors expand on their previous work in this area by combining muscular plication, liposuction, and fat grafting to enhance abdominal and truncal contours. Each component contributes to the overall enhancement of abdominal counter.

The fourth Editor’s Choice article is available for CME credit and is entitled “Complications of Injectable Fillers, Part I.” It is the first of 2 articles in a series by Dr. Claudio de Lorenzi.  This article, a comprehensive overview, addresses  prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of complications related to fillers.  I recommend the article – it is a “must” for all injectors, regardless of experience level!

My final selection for this list is an international contribution from the United Kingdom entitled “Cosmetic Surgery Growth and Correlations With Financial Indices:  A Comparative Study of the United Kingdom and United States from 2002-2011.”  Mr. Reza Nassab and Mr. Paul Harris compare the growth rate of cosmetic surgery procedures in the UK and the US, as they correlate to financial indices.  Their conclusions will surprise you, as they did me! I found their discussion most interesting.

As I yet again look over the May issue, I am pleased to see that we have a variety of articles covering all aspects of aesthetic surgery and cosmetic medicine. I hope you will find this issue as interesting and useful as we intend it to be. As always, I welcome your feedback!

Dr. Foad Nahai
Editor-in-Chief, Aesthetic Surgery Journal
Atlanta, GA

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