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The May issue is packed so full that I am highlighting 7 papers and as always, encourage you to do what I do, read the journal from cover to cover.

In the Facial Surgery Section I have selected the paper by Jeffrey Larson and colleagues entitled “Defining the Fat compartments in the Neck: A cadaver Study”. They bring to our attention new and clinically relevant information on the distribution of neck fat superficial and deep to the platysma. The in-depth expert commentary by Dr. Joel Pessa adds further perspective to this work.

The paper by Goh and coworkers from the Ophthalmology Department of UCLA in the Oculoplastic Section “Hyaluronic Acid Gel Distribution Pattern in Periocular Area With High-Resolution Ultrasound Imaging” evaluates the distribution and spread of two HA fillers currently available in the US. The differences are clearly shown on high-resolution ultrasonography. Clinical implications of this study are discussed.

In the Rhinoplasty section the paper by Rollin Daniel and coauthors from France, Hungary and the US, “Rhinoplasty: The Lateral Crura-Alar Ring” reviews the anatomy of the lateral crura and their relevance in rhinoplasty, emphasizing the need to preserve the structures. Be sure to watch the very clear and informative video.

In the Breast Section I have chosen: “Is There an Ideal Donor Site of Fat for Secondary Breast Reconstruction?” by Small and coworkers from NYU who try to answer the often asked question about the ideal or best fat donor sites. In this retrospective review of 109 breasts in 73 patients there was no difference in volume retention in breasts injected with fat harvested from the abdomen or the thigh.

In the Body Contouring Section, Constantine, Davis, and Kenkel’s paper “The Effect of Massive Weight Loss Status, Amount of Weight Loss, and Method of Weight Loss on Body Contouring Outcomes “reports MWL as a significant predictor of wound complications with the amount of weight loss and the method of weight loss as other predictors.

The selection from the Cosmetic Medicine Section, hails from Canada. The second CME article by Claudio DeLorenzi on “Complications of Injectable Fillers, Part 2: Vascular Complications.” His comprehensive review, which is must reading for all, covers avoidance, recognition, and treatment of intra arterial injections of fillers. Be sure to review the “filler crash cart” and the video.

The Research section selection is an International contribution from Italy by Trivissono et al. “Harvest of Superficial Layers of Fat With a Microcannula and Isolation of Asipose Tissue-Derived Stromal and Vascular Cells.” The authors investigate whether superficial harvest with a microcannula rather than a standard cannula allows for better isolation of vascular and stromal cells. Their small series suggests the superiority of the microcannula.

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