Editor’s Choice: February 2014

Dear Readers,

This month, I’d like to highlight 5 papers in the Facial Surgery, Oculoplastics, Body Contouring, and Research sections, selected from amongst the many interesting and relevant articles in the February 2014 issue.

The Facial Surgery section contains an intriguing paper by Joel Pessa and colleagues entitled “The Anatomical Basis of Wrinkles.” The authors investigated the relationship of facial wrinkles to underlying lymphatics and perilymphatic fat. Each wrinkle was found to be above and within 1mm of a lymphatic channel. The clinical relevance of their findings - especially as they relate to filler injections - is discussed.

In the Oculoplastic section, the paper “Malar Mounds and Festoons: Review of Current Management” (from my own practice) addresses a problem that is difficult to correct. Current thoughts on etiology and management of malar mounds and festoons are presented.

From the Body Contouring section, I recommend the paper by Dr. Ducic et al on “Abdominplasty-Related Nerve Injuries: Systematic Review and Treatment Options.” The authors report a low incidence of postabdominoplasty nerve injury: 1.94% of patients overall, with permanent injury in only 1.02% of patients. The injured nerves were the lateral femoral cutaneous and ileohypogastric. Treatment options are outlined to minimize long term consequences.

I have selected 2 related papers from the Research section dealing with the cost of complications and readmissions following outpatient cosmetic surgery. The first, by Wilawansa, Fox, and Johnson, is called “The Measurable Cost of Complications for Outpatient Cosmetic Surgery in Patients With Mental Health Diagnoses.” The second is from Mioton, Alghoul, and Kim, entitled “A Comparative Analysis of Readmission Rates After Outpatient Cosmetic Surgery.”   Both papers focus on the financial burden of complications following cosmetic surgery. I address the first paper in my editorial from this issue, and Dr. Michael McGuire has a Commentary on the second paper.

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions as you read this issue, and of course I invite you to visit our website for the supplemental videos and images.

Dr. Foad Nahai
Editor-in-Chief, Aesthetic Surgery Journal
Atlanta, GA

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