Editor's Choice: July 2013

Dear Readers,

While I would always like you to read the journal from cover-to-cover, as I do, I realize that time is limited and you may wish to concentrate on your own areas of interest. I am therefore highlighting 5 articles – 1 in Facial Surgery, 1 in Oculoplastics, 2 in Breast Surgery, and 1 in Body Contouring – that I believe will be of interest and potential value to your practices.

In the Facial Surgery section, Drs. Erol and Agaoglu from Istanbul present the results of their 10-year experience with thousands of staged injections of a cryopreserved fat and tissue cocktail. Dr. Erol, a pioneer of cryopreservation, describes his techniques and presents excellent long-term results that confirm the safety and efficacy of cryopreserved fat and tissues.

In the Oculoplastics section, I recommend the practical paper from our own practice in Atlanta, in which Dr. McCord outlines our management approach for postblepharoplasty chemosis. I believe the algorithm presented in the paper could be of great practical value to those of you who see patients with this condition. Be sure to watch the accompanying video on the “Snipping Technique” to treat chemosis.

I have selected 2 papers from the Breast Surgery section. The first, an EBM Level 3, is an international contribution from Finland by Giordano et al and provides further evidence that breast pocket irrigation with an antibiotic and povidone-iodine solution significantly reduces the incidence of capsular contracture following breast augmentation. In this study, the group with the pocket irrigation had a capsular contracture rate of 0.6% compared with the non-irrigation group’s rate of 6% at approximately 18 months.

The second breast paper – by Drs. Pozner, White, and Newman – discusses the use of porcine acellular dermal matrix (ADM) in revision augmentation cases and lends further support to the role of ADM in difficult problems that present in these patients. The authors report on their experience with 93 consecutive patients (179 breasts), making this one of the largest series to date with a very low complication rate.

My final selection this month is from the Body Contouring section. The histological research paper by Schafer et al about reporting on acute adipocyte viability is a multi-center report confirming the viability of fat harvested with the third-generation liposuction machine. The authors unequivocally demonstrate the survival of human fat harvested by UAL, confirming previous clinical reports documenting the survival of similarly harvested grafts.

In addition to the articles in the main issue, I’d like to draw your attention to the supplement being distributed with the July issue. For the first time, we are printing the ASAPS Cosmetic Surgery National Data Bank Statistics (in their entirety) as a special supplement. Also inside the July issue is an Editorial from Dr. Jeff Kenkel, Past President of ASAPS and current Associate Editor of The Gold Journal, discussing why he believes these statistics are an important and relevant resource for aesthetic clinicians. I encourage you to read the Editorial and keep the supplement for reference all year.

Dr. Foad Nahai
Editor-in-Chief, Aesthetic Surgery Journal
Atlanta, GA

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