Editor's Choice: November 2012

Dear Readers:

I would like to highlight for you 4 articles from our November issue, as I believe these have particular value to the literature and to your clinical practice.

The first article is by Dr. Alfredo Hoyos and Mauricio Perez from Bogata, Colombia, and is entitled “Arm Dynamic Definition by Liposculpture and Fat Grafting.” The authors have taken contouring of the upper arm to the next level through a combination of liposuction and fat grafting. They report on their extensive experience with 651 patients. I believe the results speak for themselves and the accompanying Commentary by Dr. Barry E. DiBernardo puts this technique in perspective.

The second article is a research-based manuscript by Dr. Larson and his colleagues, entitled “Does Systemic Isotretinoin Inhibit Healing in a Porcine Wound Model?” Their findings challenge the belief that surgical procedures should not be performed on individuals who have received isotretinoin within 6 months of the planned procedure. In addition to experimental “bench” study, they confirm their findings through several clinical examples.

The third article I encourage you to read is a report by Dr. Roger Wixtrom and co-authors on “Risk of Breast Implant Bacterial Contamination From Endogenous Breast Flora, Prevention with Nipple Shields, and Implications for Biofilm Formation.” In this clinical study, the authors confirm that the exposed nipple during breast augmentation is indeed a source of contamination. The article also includes an excellent discussion on biofilms and their role in capsular contracture, which is a “hot topic” of interest to all of us.

My final selection for this month is by Dr. Dauwe and colleagues, who discuss “Social Networks Uncovered: Ten Tips Every Plastic Surgeon Should Know.” This article is very timely, as social networks are increasingly and significantly impacting the practice of aesthetic plastic surgery. Ryan Miller, an expert in the field, adds even more pearls in a Commentary on how we should be putting social media to best use.

In addition to the 4 main articles I selected, I’d also like to draw your attention to the Editorial by Dr. Mark Jewell: "Silicone Gel Breast Implant at 50: the State of the Science.” The year 1962 saw the introduction of the silicone gel breast implant by Drs. Cronin and Gerow. That year, the first hit by the Beatles ("Let It Be") and the first James Bond film ("Dr.No") were released on the same October day. The Beatles have ridden into the sunset and Sean Connery is no longer James Bond…but the gel implant, the most investigated device in history, remains with us. Dr. Jewell examines the science behind the current generation of implants.

I hope you will enjoy Aesthetic Surgery Journal’s final issue of 2012. We have many exciting articles in the pipeline for 2013, and I look forward to providing you with the latest in cosmetic surgery research throughout the year. Thank you for your readership!

All my best,

Dr. Foad Nahai
Editor-in-Chief, Aesthetic Surgery Journal
Atlanta, GA

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