International Committee

The functions of this committee are to serve as a liaison with the International Aesthetic Surgery Community, including ISAPS and IPRAS, as well as promote international membership in the Society. The committee will report through the Membership Commission.

Luis Jose Lopez Tallaj, MD – Chair (since 2011) – Dominican Republic
Michel Rouif, MD- Vice Chair (since 2014) – France (member)
Fabian Cortinas, MD (since 2009) (second term since 2012) – Argentina (member)
Scott Ingram, MD (since 2013) – Australia (Int. Can.)
João Carlos Sampaio Goés, MD (since 2005) – Brazil (member)
Raul F. Gonzalez, MD (since 2011) – Brazil (member)
Ruth Graf, MD (since 2013) – Brazil (member)
Nelson Letizio, MD (since 2015) – Brazil (member)
Paulo R. Matsudo, MD- (since 2014) Brazil
Wilson Novas Matos, Jr., MD (since 2009) – Brazil (member)
Luis Fernando Perin, MD (since 2009) – Brazil (member)
Osvaldo R. Saldanha, MD (since 2010) – Brazil (member)
Alexandre Senra, MD (since 2013) – Brazil (member)
Eduardo Sucupira, MD (since 2011) – Brazil (member)
Brian D. Peterson, MD (since 2012)– Canada (member)
Sandy J. Pritchard, MD (since 2014) – Canada (member)
Earl A. Campbell, MD (since 2011) – Canada (member)
Carlos Alberto Rios, MD (since 2014) Colombia
Lina Triana, MD (since 2011) – Columbia (member)
Gianluca Campiglio, MD (since 2013) – Italy (member)
Susumu Takayanagi, MD (since 2007) – Japan (member) – ISAPS President
Jose A. Espino, MD (since 2013) – Panama (member)
Jose Guerrerosantos, MD (since 2008) (ex officio ASJ International Editor) – Mexico (member)
Jose Abel de la Peña, MD (since 2007) – Mexico (member)
Adam Greenbaum, MD (since 2006, reappointed 2010) – New Zealand (member)
Howard W. Klein, MD (since 2012) – New Zealand (member) wants to remain
Amin Kalaaji, MD, PhD (since 2009) – Norway (member)
Claude Oppikofer, MD (since 2006) – Switzerland (member)
Piyapas Pichaichanarong, MD (since 2011) – Thailand (member)
Nazim Cerkes, MD (since 2010) – Turkey
Nigel Mercer, MD (since 2010) – United Kingdom (member)
Miguel L. Gallegos, MD (since 2010) – USA (member)
Laurence Kirwan, MD (since 2015) – USA (member)
Thomas Narsete, MD (since 2011) – USA (member)
Benjamin Rodriguez, MD (since 2013) – USA (member)
Staff Liaisons –Marissa Simpson

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