Membership Application Review Committee

It is the responsibility of the Application Review Committee to evaluate and act upon all applications for membership in the Society. The Committee reviews the qualifications and the recommendations concerning applicants for not only Active Membership, but also for Associate and International Active Membership. The Committee submits assembled data, together with its recommendations for or against the applicant to the Board of Directors. Members are elected by the Membership. Members of this Committee are elected at the annual business meeting electronically at the beginning of each calendar year.

Leo R. McCafferty, MD – Chair (until 2018)
Barry DiBernardo, MD – Vice Chair (since 2011)
Paul Faringer , MD (Far West, until 2018)
Clifford P. Clark, III, MD (Southeast, until 2017)
Sepehr Egrari, MD (Northwest, until 2016)
Dennis C. Hammond, MD (Midwest, until 2015)
Brian Peterson, MD (Canada, until 2018)
Todd Pollock, MD (South Central, until 2017)
C. Cayce Rumsey, MD (Florida, until 2016)
Clark Schierle, MD (Midwest, until 2018)
Douglas Steinbrech, MD (Northeast, until 2018)
Steven J. Teitelbaum, MD (Southern California, until 2016)
Steven G. Wallach (New York City, until 2017)
Staff Liaison – Marissa Simpson

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