Office-Based Surgical Setting Patient Safety Issues Scenarios

Prevention of Perioperative Hypothermia in Plastic Surgery [PDF] - Aesthetic Society News

V. Leroy Young, MD; and Marla E. Watson, MA

Office Surgery Safety: The Myths and Truths behind the Florida Moratoria-Six Years of Florida Data [PDF]Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Sept 2006

Clayman, Mark A. MD; Seagle, Brent M. MD

Avoiding Hypothermia in the Surgical Suite [PDF]Aesthetic Society News Summer 2006

Julius Few , MD

Patient Safety in the Office-Based Setting [PDF]Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Apr 2006

Horton, J Bauer JD, CPA, M.; Reece, Edward M. MD, MS; Broughton, George II MD, PhD; Janis, Jeffrey E. MD; Thornton, James F. MD; Rohrich, Rod J. MD

Patient Safety Data: How it Can Improve Our Performance [PDF]Aesthetic Surgery Journal Jul/Aug 2004

Mark L. Jewell, MD

Patient Safety in the Office-Based Surgical Setting [PDF]Aesthetic Surgery Journal Jul/Aug 2004

Robert Singer, MD; Charles E. Hughes, III, MD; Geoffrey R. Keyes, MD; and Jeffrey L. Apfelbaum, MD

Analysis of Outpatient Surgery Center Safety Using an Internet-Based Quality Improvement and Peer Review Program [PDF]Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery May 2004

Geoffrey R. Keyes, MD, Robert Singer, MD, Ronald E. Iverson, MD, Michael McGuire, MD, James Yates, MD, Alan Gold, MD, and Dennis Thompson, MD

Safety and Efficacy in an Accredited Outpatient Plastic Surgery Facility: A Review of 5316 Consecutive Cases [PDF]Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Aug 2003

H. Steve Byrd, MD, Fritz E. Barton, MD, Harry H. Orenstein, MD, Rod J. Rohrich, MD, A. Jay Burns, MD, P. Craig Hobar, MD, and M. Scott Haydon, MD

Medical Errors and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery [PDF]Aesthetic Surgery Journal Mar/Apr 2003

Mark L. Jewell, MD

Safety and Efficacy of Office-Based Surgery with Monitored Anesthesia Care/Sedation in 4778 Consecutive Plastic Surgery Procedures [PDF]Plastic an Reconstructive Surgery Jan 2003

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Quality Assurance in Office-based Surgery: No Longer Just a Choice [PDF]Aesthetic Surgery Journal Nov/Dec 2002

James H. Carraway, MD

Patient Safety in Office-Based Surgery Facilities: II. Patient Selection [PDF]Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Oct 2002

Iverson, Ronald E. M.D.; Lynch, Dennis J. M.D.; ASPS Task Force on Patient Safety in Office-based Surgery Facilities

Patient Safety in Office-Based Surgery Facilities: I. Procedures in the Office-Based Surgery Setting  [PDF]Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery April 2002

Iverson, Ronald E. M.D and the ASPS Task Force on Patient Safety in Office-based Surgery Facilities

What's New in Practical Patient Monitoring and Support Equipment [PDF]Aesthetic Surgery Journal Jan/Feb 2001

Andrew D. Rosenberg, MD

General Anesthesia in an Office-Based Plastic Surgical Facility: A Report on More than 23,000 Consecutive Office-Based Procedures under General Anesthesia with No Significant Anesthetic Complications [PDF]Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Jan 2001

Hoefflin, Steven M. MD; Bornstein, John B. MD; Gordon, Martin MD

Monitoring Requirements in an Ambulatory OR Facility [PDF]Aesthetic Surgery Journal Jan/Feb 1999

Edward S. Truppman, MD

Patient Safety in Accredited Office Surgical Facilities [PDF]Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery May 1997

Morello, Daniel C. M.D.; Colon, Gustavo A. M.D.; Fredricks, Simon M.D.; Iverson, Ronald E. M.D.; Singer, Robert M.D.

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