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HIPAA and Your Aesthetic Practice – What You Need to Know

Webinar - February 25, 2014

ASAPS Secretary and Chair of the Webinar Subcommittee, Dr. Clyde H. Ishii moderates a panel of experts on HIPAA Compliance and implementation in the legal realm, in relation to EMR, practice management and online best practices. Learn about the newest regulations, challenges and solutions to common problems and recommendations from HIPAA Attorney, Chris Nuland, Director of Operations at Etna Interactive, Bret Heenan and Chief Product Office at NexTech, Christina M. Majeed. You can’t afford to miss this webinar.


Quick Tips on Preventing Surgical Site Infection

Webinar - March 19, 2013

This Webinar, led by Vice-Chair of the Patient Safety Committee, V. Leroy Young, MD is a preview of his course on Preventing Surgical Site Infection in Plastic Surgery (Aesthetic Meeting 2013 - NY). Joined by infectious disease expert, Bernard Camins, MD and early adopter of this evidence-based protocol, Luis M. Rios, Jr, MD,  the panel goes over prophylactic antibiotic protocol and implementation recommendations.


Guide to Online Marketing – Update on Google Search and Member Tools

Webinar - September 12, 2012

Are you taking advantage of your membership with The Aesthetic Society? Chair of the Webinar committee, Clyde H. Ishii, MD introduces the ASAPS leaders directly engaged and responsible for developing the latest member benefits as well as Internet Marketing expert, Keith C. Humes (CEO of Rosemont Media), who will speak on the changes to Google’s local search. Learn about the tools you may not be using - save time, increase visibility and most importantly, engage with patients and grow your community.


Practical and Simple Skin Care Solutions: An Advanced Guide to an Integrated Aesthetic Practice


Webinar - November 16, 2011

As a follow-up to last year’s popular webinar, Medical Aesthetics: Skincare in the Plastic Surgery Practice, this webinar will further investigate the enormous value of offering aesthetic prophylaxis and periprocedural skincare to your patients. Cosmetic Medicine Commissioner, Dr. Julius W. Few moderates a panel of seasoned experts who will breakdown the inner workings of how a successful skincare team operates, practical solutions to the most common skin problems and how to maximize your surgical results with comprehensive care.


Stem Cells: Science and Clinical Applications

Webinar - October 4, 2011

Dr. J. Peter Rubin, Chair of the ASAPS/ASPS Joint Task Force on Stem Cell/Fat Grafting leads a group of top experts in this field (Drs. Adam J. Katz, Sydney R. Coleman, and Kotaro Yoshimura) to explain the current research and relevant aesthetic applications. Special emphasis is given to current FDA standings and guidelines; extracting, characterizing and optimizing cell function; as well as optimizing and enriching fat grafts.


Highlights of Hot Topics from Aesthetic Meeting 2011

Webinar - September 6, 2011

Back by popular demand, we again have the Highlights of Hot Topics panel from Aesthetic Meeting 2011 in Boston, MA in an interactive webinar format. Included in this webinar are the top five selected presentations from leading clinical researchers, winners of ASERF research grants and leaders in the field of plastic surgery. Hot Topics Moderators, Drs. William P Adams, Jr and Joe M. Gryskiewicz will be moderating the webinar and will answer your questions LIVE after the presentations.


Medical Aesthetics - Skincare in the Plastic Surgery Practice

Webinar - December 14, 2010

In today's current aesthetic and economic climate, providing patients with non-invasive cosmetic procedures in a safe, accredited facility serves both the patient's needs and the physician's practice. Get expert advice and commentary on the importance of skincare in your aesthetic practice, the basics for getting started and general assessments and treatments for common skin conditions. While performing surgery and other intensive procedures is your main focus, learn how skincare can be integrated into your practice and improve overall patient care.

Best of Hot Topics from the Aesthetic Meeting 2010

Webinar - August 12, 2010

Straight from the Aesthetic Meeting 2010 in Washington DC, we have the Best of Hot Topics in an Interactive Webinar format. See the top 5 selected presentations given from Plastic Surgeons who are the top researchers in their fields and participate in a live Q&A session with hot Topics Moderators, Drs. William P. Adams Jr and Joe M. Gryskiewicz.

New Technologies in Lipoplasty

Webinar - April 1, 2010

Dr. Young, Director of the BodyAesthetic Research Center, will moderate a panel of Aesthetic Surgery veterans who are in the field using these newer techniques every day. Their combined experience will give you valuable input on actual costs, complications, comparisons against older techniques, down-time for your patients and more!

Entering Practice

Pivotal Decisions for Residents - December 10, 2009

Dr. Clyde Ishii addresses the decisions residents and fellows will face after completing their training. This information session contains varying perspectives from plastic surgeons and outside consultants.

Marketing on a Budget

Internal and External Marketing Strategies - October 8, 2009

Dr. Daniel Mills presents ASAPS second Practice Management Webinar with Aesthetic Marketing Expert, Catherine Maley and realself.com’s Tom Seery.

Injectable Safety

An Update on Neurotoxins - June 24th, 2009

The Physician’s Coalition for Injectable Safety (PCIS) takes an in-depth look at what injectors need to know about BoNTA. Dr. Julius Few moderates a panel featuring attorney and plastic surgeon, Dr. Neal Reisman; otolaryngologist, Dr. Ira Papel; ophthalmologist Dr. Roger Dailey; and Chair of Coalition, Dr. Mark Jewell.

 Practice Management Webinar

Managing Your Practice in Challenging Times - March 16th, 2009

Dr. Renato Saltz leads an information-packed Practice Management Webinar featuring financial consultant, Dr. Dan Dubin; health and beauty expert Marie Czenko Keuchel; and Drs. Mark Codner, Michael Edwards, and Daniel Mills.


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