Which is better - Lipo Dissolve or I-lipo?


I want to know between the two, Lipo Dissolve or I-Lipo, which has the best immediate results and the less side effects.  I understand that Lipo Dissolve is a series of shots - what is in the injections and what are the side effects?  I-lipo is lasers placed on the areas that you wish to treat.  I would like to know the pros & cons of both.


I am not familiar with I-lipo, but do know something about lipo-dissolve. The latter uses a combination of medications that are intended to dissolve the adipose tissue and then the body digests or removes the dissolved fat. This is controversial from a medical standpoint, and not an FDA approved treatment, since there is no uniform combination or dosages of the medications used. Each provider seems to have their own formula of what to inject, sometimes including mixtures of digestive enzymes, caffeine and even heart medications like digoxin (digitalis).

T.C. Case, MD


Do not have a lipo-dissolve treatment performed! The FDA warned consumers about this procedure in 2010 and sent letters to spas that were promoting lipo-dissolve. There have been many reported cases of severe problems with this technique.

Any consumer might want to think twice about trying any procedure or device that is new. I am always amazed by the physicians proud to share first in the area to offer new treatments. I would think consumers (and physicians) would want to wait and see what the long term effects of the latest and greatest treatments, promoted in the media, might be before signing up.

M.M. Law, MD

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