Is 10 units of botox for the "11" lines between my eyebrows enough?


I am 31 and just had botox for the first time. I had 10 units of botox 5 days ago for my "11" lines between my eyebrows. I feel that my lines were very deep, as I apparently scowl a lot. I do notice a difference, however my scowl lines are still very prominent. Should I get more injections or will the results continue until I reach the 2 week mark? I would like to lose the ability to scowl almost completely. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


20 units for the "11" lines between the eyebrows. If there is no muscle activity in that area when you try to scowl, then the Botox has done what it is supposed to, but wait another few days for the complete effect. Sometimes deeply etched lines benefit from a dermal filler in addition to Botox.

Richard A. Baxter, M.D.
Mountlake Terrace, WA


Ten units of Botox is not usually enough to eliminate the muscle function in the glabella area (between the eyebrows). However, 5 days is not long enough to determine the effects of the Botox that was injected. If, within another few days, you still have function of those muscles, you will need further Botox injection. Make sure whomever does it is an Expert Injector ( so that you will receive what you need to obtain your desired result. If you have deep lines that do not disappear when your muscles are completely relaxed, you will  also need a filler to get rid of the lines completely. An Expert Injector will also be able to help determine this also.


Thank you for your question.  Over the years my goal for botox is to achieve great results on each patient.  I have tried various doses but I have found over 20 yrs that the 11 area needs at least 20 units.  This dose should last nearly 4 months or more.  Talk with your plastic surgeon and he will work out the best dose.  Sometime it takes a few treatments for the best results. Good Luck


In my experience 25-30 I U's of Botox are required to effectively treat the 11's or frown lines.  In fact I will not treat this area unless the patient agrees to at least 25 IU's.


I would definitely wait till the 2 week mark to allow some "equilibrium" to be achieved as your muscles are now acclimating to the botox.

Most women in my practice end up needing about 15-20 units (although some need 25-30) and most men (who have deeper muscles) end up needing about 30 units.

Just like different patients may need different doses of a high blood pressure medication, different patients depending on their individual anatomy may need different doses of Botox. It's possible that you may need to get "topped up," but if you get an adequate response at the two week mark from the lower dose of 10 units, that means you are going to be able to get away with lower doses -- that is a very positive (and cost-effective) outcome for you !  

If you do need more, you will know for the future that the correct dose for you is a higher amount.


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