After 17 month is it normal to hurt?


I developed a seroma shortly after the drains were removed after a tummy tuck. My plastic surgeon removed the liquid with a syringe for months and after no fluid was coming out he began injecting me with steroids which was really painful. Now I'm going to have anther procedure but the area where the seroma was is still bulged out, very delicate and still painful after 17 months. I can't do a lot of exercise or wear tight clothing. I'm wondering did my surgeon do good job or am I paranoid.  Please can some one tell me if it takes this long to heal?



 Thank you your question. It appears you are in need of a second option for what you are describing is not typical fallowing a Tummy Tuck. Please consider an ASAPS Member in your area to address your concerns. 



Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS

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