Is a second breast reduction safe?


I recently had a breast reduction and ended up close to the same size as before. I don't know what was used but I have lollipop scars. My surgeon cautioned me that a 2nd reduction may include more risk to my nipples and he has had patients lose a nipple. Is it still a big risk if I only ended up with a lift and hardly any reduction? I hate the thought of living with these big breasts forever.


Of course it will be a safe procedure since you choose an ASAPS member plastic surgeon. Otherwise we can' t say the same thing. Plastic surgery in well trained professionals and in an adecuate location will be always succesful.


I am sorry you are essentially the same size after your breast reduction. One of the problems with a vertical lift (the one leaving only a "lollipop" scar) is that, unless you are have just the right anatomy, you may not get as much reduction as you desire. Yes, unless you know where the blood supply to the nipple is or do a nipple graft, a second procedure does jeopardize the nipple. However, with the operative report from the original procedure and in the hands of an experienced surgeon, a second reduction should be very safe and provide you with smaller breasts. I would suggest seeing an ASPS or ASAPS surgeon with many years of experience and different from your original surgeon.

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