After 3 kids and massive weight loss, is removing excess skin my only choice to tighten up my body?


I have always been bigger but recently had dropped from 226 to 160 (I'm 5"3 and 26) and I plan on losing at least 10 more pounds. I have deflated boobs from having 3 kids and excess skin on my stomach, upper thighs and arms. I also have pelvic prolapse that I'm getting fixed along with reconstruction down there. Is there an easier way to tighten up my body without the cost of having to get all this extra skin cut off? The cost only worries me because of how much I want done, but I fear my only option is to reduce skin.


This is a significant amount of weight loss.  I suggest you get a consult from a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to evaluate your needs.  In many instances you will need removal of both the excess skin and fat o the abdominal area and a lift of your breast with the addition of breast implants to add the volume lost through weight loss and pregancies.


First and foremost, congratulations on your weight loss. Unfortunately when you were bigger in size you permanently effected your skin which causes it to thin and lose its elasticity ( ability to recoil). Because of that, excisional surgery may be your only option. 

There are a few nonsurgical skin tightening devices out there but currently  I do not feel they can improve skin like you are suggesting. 

It is best that you see an ASAPS member. They are board certified in plastic surgery and can evaluate you and determine what your options are. 


Congratulations for losing the weight, this is a big accomplishment which is not reflected in the mirror quite as well as it is on the scale. Unfortunately, there are no minimally invasive solutions to excess skin after significant weight loss. The good news is surgical techniques have been adjusted to yield excellent results.

Seek out a board certified surgeon in your community to help you understand your options. Not what you wanted to hear I know. good luck and once again good job


Massive Weight Loss – The only operative procedure is body contouring surgery using excisional procedures.

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