I'm 5'1 145 pounds and I have size 36 F breasts. I'm afraid to go to a full C; is it too small?


I've been approved by my insurance already for a breast reduction. I already had one surgery scheduled but I got too scared and backed out! I really want this done! I've had back problems for so long now. My weight always goes up and down. My breast are my security blanket but at the same time they make me self conscious. My surgeon said she is going to take 600 g from one breast and 530g from the other. I'm afraid they are going to end up too small and I'm going to be upset. I'm not sure what to do.


As long as you are "not sure what to do," you should do nothing. Breast reduction is designed to reduce the breasts to a normal size that fits with your body.  I can never tell anyone prior to surgery what bra cup size that they will be after surgery.  This is because different manufacturer's bras are all different from each other.  I simply attempt to create a breast that matches the rest of your body, is large enough to look good but small enough to eliminate your symptoms.  This is, indeed, all any surgeon can promise.  When you have gotten over your breasts as a "security blanket," and the discomfort and other problems of having very large breasts have become dominant, then seek reduction.  Do not do so before that time, as you will never be happy.

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