Accent Laser for Skin Tightening


I have read that the Accent Laser is good for skin tightening.  I have a small but noticeable amount of excess skin on my upper arms and inner thighs.  Would I be a good candidate for this?  Are the results permanent?  What is usually the cost per treatment and on average how many treatments does one need to tighten skin?  I have read different forums and it seems half are happy with results and half say don't waste your money.  Any information would be helpful.  I don't ever wear shorts that are very much higher than my knees and definitely never wear anything sleeveless.  I would love to have my skin tightened, and without surgery would be a dream come true.  I just want my old body back.


Accent is not a laser.  It is a device that gives a Radio Frequency, thus producing heat and supposedly causing the skin to shrink.  There are few devices like that on the market and have been used for few years, like Thermage; however, they have a very limited effect, if any at all.  Many  patients are disappointed.

Do your research first and then decide if the procedure is for you.


There are several devices on the market that classify themselves in the "laser" category.  These devices all claim a degree of skin tightening, but deliver minimal and short-term results.  The particular device, Accent, is not a laser, but a radio frequency device that heats the skin and sub-cutaneous tissue.  It is supposed to increase the collagen and thicken the dermis. 

The results are not permanent, but some improvement can be seen shortly after each treatment.  Usually 6 - 12 treatments a week or two apart are recommended, and return treatments to maintain the result are required monthly.   Once the treatments are stopped, the skin returns to its former loose state.

Upper arms and inner thighs are notoriously hard to treat even with advanced laser and plastic surgical intervention.  I would strongly recommend you consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery to help you develop a treatment plan that is right for you.


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