How can I achieve a natural look from a breast revision?


I had saline breast implants with a lift for 14 years and then I had them removed. They were under the muscle. I am considering having implants put back in. I do not have any breast tissue. I know they cannot go below the muscle because I had them there before and they were removed 5 yrs ago. How can I achieve a natural look without seeing ripples due to no tissue at all?


It may be possible to replace implants under the muscle for a more natural look, but that would depend on your specific situation. Silicone gel implants may feel more natural than saline, and choosing the right size based on your anatomy will make a big difference too. Sometimes the result can be improved with fat grafting for more coverage.

Richard A. Baxter, M.D.
Mountlake Terrace, WA


If you had your breast implants removed, then the pockets have healed. Women with very little breast tissue can have surprisingly natural looking and feeling breast implants. The key is to be certain the correct implant is used and that the breast implant is placed in the proper position. Start by looking at the before and after breast implant images on the websites of different plastic surgeons. Look for women with starting points that look like you, and results that look like what you are hoping to achieve.


Thank you for your question.  It may still be possible to place her implants beneath the muscle and if they have not retracted following removal of year-old implants.  Be sure to discuss this with your plastic surgeon.

Generally speaking Smaller implants in the 200-250 cc range, silicone gel implants, and moderate profile plus implants tend to be more natural looking than very large implants, and shaped her high profile breast implants.



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