To achieve the best results in rhinoplasty surgery, do I need to choose a surgeon who is an ethnic expert in this field?


I have a long nose and a wide chin.  I want to have rhinoplasty and surgery to improve my chin.  I want to choose a good plastic surgeon so that I will have the best results.  Do I need to choose a surgeon who is an ethnic expert that performs these surgeries?


You need to choose a surgeon who has experience with nose and chin surgery. See at least three board certified plastic surgeons and look at the before and after photos to see if they have operated on similiar patients. It may be harder to find one that can operate on your chin. Do not be in a hurry to decide on a plastic surgeon, it can take time to find the right one!

Good luck!


Adrian Lo, MD


I think that ethnic rhinoplasty is somewhat of a misnomer. After all, who isn't ethnic?

What is important is that each change that the surgeon plans is one that is explicitly decided between patient and surgeon. However, there is no technical difference in carrying out the operation - in other words, creating a straight nose with better shape requires exactly the same techniques in an Eastern European as it does in an African American. The plan, however, must be clear to patient and surgeon, because some patients wish to retain certain ethnic or familial characteristics and some patients wish to lose them.

Finding a skilled surgeon whom you like, who can produce your intended result, and who listens to you is the most important goal.

M.B. Constantian, MD

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