Can adhesions & scar tissue resulting from 3 c-sections be removed during surgery?


I'm am considering abdominoplasty. My question is related to any adhesions as well as scar tissue that have formed since my 3rd c-section. Would the plastic surgeon remove these as part of the procedure?


Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) can be excellent for removing prior C-section scars, and other pregnancy related changes of the abdomen.  C-section scars often cause indentation, that is smoothed by the tummy tuck. 

On the other hand, "adhesions" typically refer to scar bands within the abdominal cavity, around intestines.  These are not addressed by abdominoplasty, since such plastic surgery remains outside the abdominal space. 

Best wishes


Yes, indeed.  The c-section scar can be complete removed with a tummy tuck incision.  This is commonly done and works out very well. Good luck.

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