Is it advisable to have a necklift and laser-lipo on my body at the same time?


I am 58 years old and having a neck lift.  I would also like to schedule laser liposuction (SlimLipo) on my tummy, flanks, and inner & outer thighs for the same time.  Is this something that would be safely done, or would it be better to schedule the Lipo for a later time?


It depends on your plastic surgeon and also how much lipo you are going to have done.

Personally, I do not like to add a lot of fluids that will cause swelling when I am doing a neck or facelift. If it is a small amount of liposuction that is to be done, like under 300 cc's, there will not be that much fluid added. But if there is a lot of fluid added to the lipo area, then there will be more swelling of the neck, which could make the result of the tightness of the neck not that good.

Good luck.

Dan C. Mills, II, MD

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