Please advise me if there is any other way to reduce breast size other than surgery?


I am a short 23 year old who has always been slender but in recent years I've picked up a lot of weight and my breast size has increased making me feel very uncomfortable and sore. People notice my breasts and its very annoying and uncomfortable for me as a women . Please advise me if I can go for any alternates other than surgery....


My best advice would be for you to discuss this issue with an experienced plastic surgeon in your local area.  They can give you the options available. 

Breast reduction is an excellent procedure in properly selected patients, and extremely popular.


There are only 2 ways to reduce breast size.  One is with surgery and the other is by general weight reduction.  You state that you have "picked up a lot of weight" and that her breasts have enlarged.  That would seem to indicate that, if you lose weight, you may be able to also lose breast fullness back to a tolerable size.  If this does not work, full breast reduction surgery or liposuction of the breast to reduce the fatty tissue within it are the only other choices.  I would, however, strongly suggest that you lose weight even if you decide on surgery.  This will make the surgery safer and give you a better result.


The other option is to make a low calories diet and workout to loose weight, and they will be back to their prior size.

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