Am I too old at this age (I'm in my mid 60's) to have a breast lift with augmentation?


I am in my mid 60's and I want to have a breast lift with augmentation.   Am I too old for this procedure - are there more risks at this age?


There is chronological age (i.e. how old you are) and physiological age (i.e. how much has your body worn out).  People are living much longer and have much healthier live styles.  May I suggest you start with your primary care doctor.  Tell him you are considering breast surgery and would he/she provide cardiopulmonary clearance for general anesthesia.  This will help determine if you are too high a risk for elective Aesthetic surgery.  After your evaluation if he/she says you are OK, then consider a consult with a ASAPS member.


Gary R. Culbertson, MD, FACS


No, you are not too old to have breast lift.  Before the surgery, pre-op conditions will be evaluated, in order for a safer procedure.

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There is no age limitation on breast augmentation if you are in otherwise good health.  Many patients  have excellent results and are quite happy with breast augmentation and if needed a lift in their 60s.

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